Friday, March 18, 2011

Afternoon muff dive

We go for a walk in the afternoon. We’re talking, and forget to have a kiss in our usual sunny spot. But when we get home River snuggles with me on the futon. We talk about going out to dinner. “Then I can slather you, and then . . .” “That’s hard to turn down. I’m probably open to anything you want today. Except in the butt.” Her IBS is bothering her. “We should do that again sometime.” “Should we go upstairs and get naked?” “I was actually thinking of after dinner.” “Well, in your spirit of doing it while we’re in the mood . . .” I’ll go along with that. She reaches for my balls. I feel her boob through her shirt, and she moves her bra cup out of the way to give me direct access to one of my favorite boobs. And I start getting a response.

We go upstairs. I peel. Put on divbyzero, our favorite music to fuck to. River comes in and peels. She’s hot. I look again to make sure she’s as hot as I think she is. And she is. Trim. Sporty. Compact tits. She turns away and the curves of her ass are undeniable.

I slather her back, sitting behind that nicely shaped ass as usual. She reaches a friendly hand down to my knee. I like that. I work down to her butt, gripping her ass cheeks in my hands, pulling them apart, pushing them together, slathering body butter down her crack. This time I don’t have to deny myself. I scoot back, put my face down, and tickle her lips with my tongue, up and down, probing between them. She giggles. I like that. “I can roll over so you don’t have to have your nose in my ass.” I didn’t even really notice.

When she rolls over I pull her to the edge of the bed and sit beside it, my most comfortable muff dive position. She starts with her feet on the bed. Her pussy is served up nicely, ready for whatever I’ve got. I give her whole pussy a once-over tasting, tongue-fucking her tangy opening, pulling her lips into my mouth, flattening my tongue and rubbing her with it. I move up to her clitoris, feeling it with the tip of my tongue. She pushes back against me and I dive in hard, rubbing her hood over her clit with my tongue like she’s showed me with my fingers.

She’s really into it today, moaning, squirming, grinding against my mouth. That gets me even more into it, tonguing big hard circles on her clit, higher and lower, exploring with the tip of my tongue while I circle with the flat, pulling the skin at the apex of her slit for better access to her sensitive clitoris, my nose in her muff inhaling her scent, her feet on my back, my finger in her pussy, my arm around her leg pulling her into my face.

“What you’re doing now is making me want to get to the good part.” That’s a really sweet way of putting it. I move back and gaze at the thick lips of her pussy, up at her face, reach for my cock and spread my own slippery leakage around the head as I start to get hard. I expose the glistening button of her clit and River watches as I brush it with my tongue tip, then up and down her lips, then suck on her clit while I jack off.

I want to keep my cock hidden until I can surprise her with something nice and hard and ready to fuck her with. It doesn’t take long. I stand up, her pussy gaping in front of me, ready to be fucked, my cock ready to fuck her. “That’s nice. Proud and defiant.” I get on the bed with her, my knees right on the edge, slide my cock into her hole, and we fuck. The good part. Deep and soft and slippery.

There’s not much room for me on the edge of the bed. It’s hard to stay deep. So I hit it at a quick pace, not very deep, but stimulating. “I know what you’re doing.” “What am I doing?” “Going for the g-spot.” “The interesting terrain in your pussy.” Stimulating for both of us. But we want something deeper, so with each thrust I bang River backwards while she scoots until we’re both fully on the bed and she rocks up into jackknife with her legs on my shoulders and I push in until I feel cervix. “That’s deep,” she says. We both like it. Her cervix gives me some extra stimulation as the tip of my cock squeezes past it at the end of each thrust. I push in again and again to feel it.

It’s a nice sweet happy fuck, in jackknife, minimagnetism, missionary, default. We’re back in jackknife, thrusting against her cervix. I think it’s time for me to come. My body agrees. I feel my skin tingling. “I’m going to come.” River already knows that. She feels the goosebumps crawling up my back. A few more thrusts and I’m there, totally over the top, everything dissolving and melting together, I don’t even notice the individual spurts, just keep my cock pushed deep inside her while I have a huge orgasm, hugging her leg against my face to get me through it until I can breathe again.

We’ve got about ten minutes until we’ve got to get on with our day. I roll to my left and we stay together in snuggly position while my cock goes soft inside her. She doesn’t even squeeze it out.

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