Friday, March 4, 2011

Panties partway down

Bad timing. I have my worst erectile dysfunction in a long time on the first day that River is genuinely horny in a month or two. It goes something like this.

River pushes her crotch against me in bed and reminds me she has to get up early. So one of us should make a move. I pull out one I haven't used for a while. "Would you like to fuck?" "Yes." That was easy.

River's period is imminent so she's left her panties on. That always seems kind of forbidding. She knows that on the rare occasions when she wears panties to bed I like it better if she wears a tank-top, too, but she's topless. "You can whip them off. Or maybe partway down." I like it when we just push the crotch aside and have at it, but let's see what we can do with partway down. I'm thinking that will mean doing her from behind, but River quickly points out we can do face to face in jackknife, with her legs on my shoulders. She likes the novelty. "Or we could do this one." I kneel in front of her, hold her legs up in front of me, and pull her panties to mid-thigh, exposing her snatch between her closed legs. It's hard to believe that it's easy and comfortable for her to hold her legs up like that. Must be a girl thing.

I try to get hard for a nice stick-in in this position. But it's not working so well, even when I put my thumb in her pussy for inspiration. River reaches around her legs, grabs my cock, and jacks me off. She does it better than I do, but I still don't get very hard, even when she rubs my cock in her slit while I feel her boobs.

"I'm ready. Or as ready as I'll ever be tonight." Still only halfway hard, but we've started with it softer. "I've been ready since two in the afternoon." "How do you know?" "Thinking horny thoughts." Poor girl, thinking horny thoughts all that time and not getting any. I know what that's like.

It goes in easily. She wasn't kidding about being ready. She's sopping wet. My cock should be stiffening up now that the fuck's started, but she's so wet I can't hit the usual friction to get it there and give her the fuck she deserves. River doesn't seem to mind. She's making some nice sounds as we keep up a long, steady rhythm at her favorite speed, my hands on her waist to pull her against me. Her sounds are too nice. She's enjoying it too much. It's making my orgasm want to happen. I wonder how long she wants to go. "We have time, but something short of a marathon." I back off and have a partial orgasm, my cock twitching, some jizz flowing into her.

I lean forward onto her for jackknife and we keep going. I'm not hard enough to get this position's usual full-length thrusts. I gaze at her face between her legs and smile. "Sometimes when we're doing this we fold your legs up far enough to kiss." She pulls her legs closer to her chest and we kiss while we fuck. When I pull back she lifts her head up for more, and the feeling of our wet kiss and our wet fuck is making me want to come again but I'm still not ready so again I slow down and let more jizz spill into her without really coming.

We fuck, her panties on her thighs, switching between jackknife and magnetism, holding her feet up, the scent of her pussy making me want to put my face in all the wetness of our combined juices and eat it. That might be the best I can do if I'm not able to finish tonight. Maybe I'd get harder in t-bone, it would be easy to switch, but we're both liking face to face tonight and I'm still hard enough to fuck, but just barely.

We're back in jackknife and right when I'm about to come my cock comes out. But I'm not coming just yet, and I manage to reach down and get it back in, I think. My cock is so soft, her pussy is so wet from her juices and my own contributions, and the sensations from my almost-coming cock are so mixed up that it's hard to tell. I start coming before I know it and it's not until the third or fourth spurt that I manage to get things sorted and give a nice thrust in time with the spurt to finally get the satisfied feeling of a nice come.

"I wasn't sure if you were going to come in or out." "Yeah, that was kind of confusing. And I wish I'd gotten nice and hard for your horny time." "I'm not complaining." "How'd that panty thing work for you?" "It didn't really do anything either way." "Same here."

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