Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A very long day

We’re folding clothes yesterday evening. There’s a pair of panties on the floor that don’t seem to be part of the load. I hold them up. “Is something going on around here that I don’t know about?” “No.” A pause. “Somebody should wear those.” Another pause. “Is my butt really that big?” “This is one of your biggest pairs.” All River’s panties are size small. It’s just that this style has more coverage. I always have a hard time believing that her perfect ass is a size small. I never think of her as small. I think of her as medium height and nicely HWP and just right. “You know how many women would kill to have a butt that size?”

Later I’m thinking. What did she mean by somebody should wear them? And asking whether her butt was that big? “When you said somebody should wear them, who might you have had in mind?” “You.” I seriously doubt that’s what she was thinking. More likely she's teasing me. Or she knows what I'm angling for. She can read my mind sometimes. Not that it's terribly difficult.

I have worn panties exactly once. I don’t remember how it happened, but we swapped underwear and fucked at a Wyoming motel on our first road trip. Or our second road trip, depending on how you count. No. Our third. In the moving truck. My erection springing virtually unrestrained from the skimpy confines of her panties sticks with me.

By this morning, her panties still haven’t found their way into her drawer. I'd like to put them to good use. Surprise her sometime. I put them in my drawer. And get an idea. Why not surprise her now? I slip my jeans and boxer briefs off. Pull her panties on. Tuck myself into them. I like how they hold my package high and tight. It seems to enhance my presence. No, that’s just my cock stiffening with an obscene arousal that I like.

When to surprise her? We have a visitor this morning. Before, or after? I don’t know. Maybe there will just be a right time. I come downstairs. “I’m sitting in your place.” Drinking her coffee at the dining room table. It’s not like we’ve really got places at the table. At least I don’t. I just sit wherever for breakfast. But I can’t remember ever seeing her in that spot. My dinner spot, where I sit across from River and can look into her eyes. I sit down across the corner from her. Now is the time. “How ironic that you’re in my spot.” I’m in her panties. I pull down the top of my jeans to flash the magenta-pink waistband at her. She smiles. “Comfy?” “Surprisingly so.”

I’ve got a plan now. After our visitor leaves I’ll corner her in the art room closet and we’ll fuck standing up with her back against the wall. She turned it down yesterday, but circumstances may have changed.

It feels like I’m leaking in her panties. I go up to the bathroom to check. I catch my reflection in the mirror with my pants down and I’m struck by the color combination. Light blue jeans and a bright yellow t-shirt framing the magenta-pink panties. I get my camera. It’s harder than I think being both subject and photographer in my erotic photo session in the dining room. But I’m learning a lot about posing. A few years ago this would have made my cock rise uncontrollably out of the panties which would have made for some nice shots. Sadly not any more.

The back door clicks open. River is home. “I’ve been doing my own erotic photo session.” I show her a few of my favorites. “You’ve got a nice primary color thing there.” “Would you like to be my photographer?” “I’m afraid of your camera.” She’s actually a good photographer who knows her way around a film SLR and has a sound sense of composition. She’s an artist, after all. “But I could be a prop. Do you know where the tripod is?” I wonder what she has in mind. I’ll have to find out later because as usual she’s got things to do. It may be a while before I can corner her in the closet.

River has a pretty full schedule this morning. She is very sweetly trying to accommodate my perversions, but it looks like she’s only got time for one. Closet? Or photo shoot? I can’t decide. On top of that we’ve planned a hot date tonight, along with whatever comes unplanned afterwards.

I explain my dilemma to River, and express my regrets that perhaps the closet moment has passed. “It’s not that I’ve been hoping for years to do it in that closet with you. It’s that cleaning it together was a nice time, and there was the moment.” When it comes to doing it, I’m less about what we did yesterday or the day before or last week, and more about what’s happening now. Somehow, she thinks up a way to do both. She’ll be my photographer now. And we can do it in the closet after our date. A scheduling genius.

River is my photographer. And what a photographer she is. I set up the camera and give her a few ideas for directing me and she takes off. “Pull them down at an angle.” “Lift your shirt.” “Butt out.” “Chin back.” “Reach in.” “On the bed.” “By the window.” “Look manly.” “Look girly.” “Show me what you got.” She looks hot with the camera. I’d definitely look better with a hardon. A few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to keep it down. But not any more. So I oil up and start jacking off, reaching in, showing her what I’ve got, getting hard. Cutting loose and rather enjoying myself while River shoots away. But I’m more about erotic and we’re doing porn now. I don’t buy that line that lighting is the only difference. Erotic is far more subtle. And far more powerful. But I jack, River shoots, until . . . “I better stop. Unless you want a come shot.” “We might as well go all the way.” I hope I’m not sabotaging our closet action tonight.

The camera is silent. She’s waiting for it. “Here it comes. Well, a few more.” She snaps the shutter prematurely and misses the money shot. There’s always next time. I put my arms around her. “That was awesome.” The first time I’ve masturbated to orgasm in over a year. I picked a good time.

And if I learned one thing from that session, it’s that I need to brush my hair for our date tonight.

We have our date. I brush my hair. River styles it. The kids are old enough to leave at home now. Out to our favorite Italian restaurant with our favorite squid appetizer. During dinner I excuse myself to go to the men’s room to remove my panties. It would be easier in a skirt. Just whip them off. No pantyhose for me. I come back and show them to River. We have some nice smoochies in our corner table. Dinner was delicious. Sadly, no room for dessert.

Due to the unscheduled afternoon come shot, I’ve taken a cialis for insurance tonight. It’s kicking in, and the stimulation from going commando is more than I want. Once again, a skirt would be better. When we get home I slip the magenta-pinks back on and enjoy the high and tight feeling again.

Looking back, I was a bit irritable this morning, but my mood has been good ever since I put this pair on. I recommend them to River if she ever needs a mood lifter. “They’ll never be the same again though.” “Because you stretched them out? Your butt isn’t that big.” “In the front.”

The kids are asleep. At least they’re supposed to be. River brings in the wax kit she got yesterday. She wants to do a landing strip, and wax her bikini line throughout the summer. That’s a first. The femininity of her bush attracts me strongly. But change intrigues me. Especially when I get to help. But it’s getting late. We’ve already done our photo shoot and had a nice dinner date. Doing the wax and the closet fuck would make an almost impossibly full day. So we save the wax for another day and head for the closet. I wonder what changed her mind about the closet. She’s not telling.

“Should we bring something to make it comfortable?” “I was thinking we’d just do it standing up.” Quickie-style. I switch on the closet’s soft pink light for mood. River takes her pants off. That’s a little disappointing. In my standing face-to-face quickie fantasy we don’t remove our pants completely. She knows what fuels my fantasy. But we don’t like to talk about it and consequently I’m not comfortable suggesting we keep them on, just pulling them down enough to fuck. Especially since lately it’s been hard enough doing it standing even with them off. We can't usually pull it off in the shower any more. At least we keep our shirts on today. And she leaves her bra on. Quickie-style.

The cialis has my cock on a hair trigger. But it takes a little more of River's attentive fondling than I thought to get a nice erection. I would have skipped the cialis completely except we haven’t been very successful at standing lately and I did the come shot this afternoon. Now I’m good to go. Erection pills. Those must have been some fun drug trials. What will they come up with next. Maybe something for River.

River backs into the closet. It’s 75x75cm. With a window. Good practice for a phone booth. I consider closing the door but something is making me too self-conscious to do that. I lift her leg up on my arm and squootch down while she lines us up. After several tries we get it in and I feel the familiar pleasant squeeze of her pussy on my cock head. But it’s awkward. “Move this leg forward and this one back.” That’s what I want to hear. Maybe she's more comfortable directing me after being my photographer. Our adjusted position works better but it’s still not conducive to a good fuck. Or much of a fuck at all. I push her against the back wall and lift her other leg, she tries to brace her feet on the narrow door jamb, and we get in a few silly thrusts before I have to put her down. At least it’s playful. And she’s a good sport. But if it weren’t for the cialis I’d be losing my erection by now.

“There’s another way to do it standing up, you know.” I’m hoping she’ll pull out something face-to-face that I never would have thought of and that doesn’t require a swimming pool. But she turns around and bends over with her hands on the wall. I haven’t forgotten this way. How could I, after what we did on that glacier on our Alaska road trip. I’m really in a face-to-face mood, but I find her pussy and slide my cock in from behind, finally getting a decent fuck going. And the view is arousing. I can't quite see her pussy from this angle, just my cock repeatedly disappearing into her somewhere beneath her ass. I grab her hips for a good bang. We have our usual problem of slowly drifting backwards while we do it, until River can’t reach the wall. And things tend to dry out in this position and today is true to form. We lose a bit of precious juice every time I get greedy, wanting to feel my cock slip in through her opening, and I pull back too far and it slips out. It would be easy to come like this, but I suggest that we move upstairs for some nice face-to-face on the bed. She accepts gladly. I knew she would.

I kneel between her legs. She raises one of them. Rests it on my shoulder. I oil her pussy, thumb her clitoris, stroke my cock a few times to stiffen it back up, then stick it in. My thumb stays on her clit, circling her hood over it while we fuck. The leg draped on my shoulder gives her a luxurious reclining look, and gives me the feeling that I’m servicing her. A nice feeling. I'll do my best to serve her well. The closet was fun. But I guess this is what I really wanted. A more luxurious fuck with my sweetie.

We get a vigorous bang going, my hands on her hips again, her leg still on my shoulder, our bodies thwacking together. She’s always liked vigorous. It’s usually too much for me and I end up coming or having to stop every 20 seconds to hold off. I’m hoping the cialis and my afternoon orgasm will increase my endurance, but I doubt they will. “How long do you want to go?” “Not too long.” I’ll just come whenever then.

Something about this ad-hoc position tonight is reminding me of mini-v. River is obviously enjoying it, and so am I, but I’m wondering what it will be like to come this way. Because I’m about to find out. My orgasm starts and I thrash desperately for some deep penetration, pulling her towards me, trying to push her legs up and go deep to feel her against the base of my cock, but it’s not happening. It takes a couple spurts before I get things sorted, pulling us together by her legs, pressing into her, feeling my jizz flow.

“That was really stimulating.” “Which part?” “The finish.” I’m glad she liked it. So did I. I wish we could do it longer. I never want to stop.

“That was a long day. Maybe we should start every day with some cunnilingus.” “Did we?” “In the shower.” “Oh yeah. That was so short it was more like just cu-.”

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