Sunday, March 27, 2011

That makes a three-fuck weekend

“Should we go upstairs and get naked?” How could I turn that down. The irresistible River has invited me to massage her ass and hips. I’ve been using my elbow on her ass cheek, through the faded denim of her comfy-cute jeans, and I’m eager to continue on her properly exposed butt. In the bedroom I oil her ass to a silky-smooth friction. Rub my fingers around the muscles of her hip joints until she purrs. Learn about her gluteus minimus, one on each side. It makes me horny when she goes latin on me.

Her butt has its customary chill. I spread her cool cheeks and her pussy makes succulent smacky sounds as it opens and closes. We laugh at that together. And I get hornier. After last night’s midnight fuck I’m not expecting anything today, and River doesn’t seem to be thinking in that direction, but she knows what usually happens when I sit behind her ass and let my hands wander over her body. She usually warms up to the inevitable.

My hands move to her back, going over all the spots we like. I’m in a creative mood and she just relaxes into it. After twenty minutes I leave one hand on her back and start stroking my cock with the other, getting ready. She knows what I’m doing. She waggles her butt invitingly. My thumb drifts towards her pussy opening. Despite all the smacky sounds it made earlier I can’t work my thumb between her lips. She wiggles some more, angles her butt, and pushes back. There it is.

Feeling her wetness always gets me harder, and my cock is quickly standing up, seeking the warm moisture under her chilly ass, straining to be put into her comforting pussy. I line it up. It inches into her. We fuck. I whisper in her ear. “I sure like doing this with you.” She whispers back. “So do I.” My balls slide along her leg. My cock fucks into her, right under her gorgeous, just-right ass. Her butt always makes me think of the same thing. I ask. “Do it in your butt?” Silence. She’s trying to figure out a way to say, not this time. She wants more warning. That’s ok. It just seemed like a good night, good emotional and physical connections from all the work and gardening we did together this weekend, rubbing her sore muscles, and now a nice fuck in her welcoming pussy.

I have another suggestion. “Low doggy?” She gathers her legs under her. I drop my ass nearly to the bed to stay inside her, then watch my rigid cock work its way into her soft pussy and glide back out. It feels huge, taking a long time going in, a long time back out, then back in, and out, and River’s pussy is feeling especially friendly today. “That was a good call.” The low doggy. I’m glad I made it. I’ll be happy to come this way. Delirious. I slow down and enjoy every lush sensation of the push in, and the pull out, our parts sliding together, skin on skin, slow and wet and delicious, my desire to come building with every stroke. I know how it will feel to explode into her, my balls pulling up, my cock throbbing as my load spills into her, her pussy squeezing back. My breath comes in whispered shudders as my cock slowly slides into her, out of her, my orgasm edging closer, stroke by slow stroke. A warm tingle of cold spreads over my body, from my hips, up my back, down my legs. “I’m gonna come.” A few more slow strokes and my orgasm is mind-blowing, literally taking my breath away, my whole body electrified. Where am I. What am I. I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m with River. River’s with me.

It’s still early. Can I stay hard and come again? River lowers her head, her back angling smoothly up to her ass. Is she trying to keep from dripping, or just getting more comfortable? We have a serious bang of an afterfuck for a while. I try to get that feeling of impending orgasm, imagining it right around the rim of my cock head, but I’m drained and it’s not happening. We clean up. River doesn’t even leave to go drip. That’s so cute.

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