Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Typical weeknight fuck

A typical weeknight fuck for us. I light the candles while River is in the bathroom. She wants to get all her studying out of her mind and go to sleep. I can help with that. We snuggle for a while, then I do a back rub for her, no talking, just relaxing and luxurious. I move down to her perfect ass and take my time on it. Then stroke my cock with one hand while I probe for her pussy with the other. She tilts her ass to give me better access, and reaches her hands back for my legs. I press my thumb under her butthole until her lips part and let it in. The nice wet sounds of her pussy get me harder. I guide my cock in under my thumb, pressing in, pressing further in, then back out and stir things around until we have a nice fuck going. Straddling her. Laying on top of her. Fucking her. I speed things up and River puts her hands on the wall to push back. I sit up with my hands on her back, then press my thumb between her pussy and asshole, using it to keep my cock from springing up when I pull all the way out and push back in.

Her cute butthole tempts me. I slide my thumb up to it, press against it, feel the firm, rubbery circle. My subconscious links my thumb, her asshole, and my cock, turning me on, making me want to come, and in a few more thrusts a powerful orgasm makes me push in deep. "Ow!" Too deep. Back off, easier thrusts, squishing around in her pussy, keeping my orgasm going, a nice long one.

We stay connected while we talk. "That definitely took my mind off things. You do a better job than the professionals." She just had a massage the day before. "That's because they're not sitting on you naked." I hope.

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