Monday, March 14, 2011

River's first in over a month

I'm buttering River's back, at her request. I wonder what kinds of thoughts she's thinking. Uh oh. I can't believe I asked him to butter me. Now he's gonna want to screw me. But River is never thinking what I think she's thinking. I sit forward to do her neck, and she comments as my cock thwacks onto her back. It's obviously not hard or it wouldn't be anywhere near her back, but staring at her butt as I sit behind it has given it a pleasant weightiness.

When I finish we snuggle, on opposite sides from our usual. I don't really like having usual sides. It's more interesting sleeping on whichever side we want on a given night, but River likes it. Says she doesn't sleep well on the other side. Sometimes I can convince her to switch for a week, and it's like having a new girlfriend. Only better. I'm thinking we'll do an opposite-side snuggly position stick-in, side by side, her legs over mine, which will be interesting, but I'm not getting hard. Not even when I feel her boobs. My favorite boobs.

She opens her legs up while we talk. Is she doing something to herself down there? Probably not. Probably just getting comfortable. Wait. Yes. She is. I peek under the covers and she's got her hand on her bush, fingers draped over the edge, casually rubbing her clitoris. I oil my hand and slide the palm over her boobs, left boob, right boob, her nipples sliding between my fingers.

She says she's not getting much response, which feels strange to her. I hope I'm not distracting her by playing with her boobs. "You're not." I sit between her legs for a better view. Her pussy opening glistens between her lips. Her lips mosh in circles, following her fingers going around on her clit. How could I watch this without wanting to fuck her? I couldn't. But somehow River can roll over and go to sleep while I'm jacking off next to her. I don't get it.

She puts a dab of oil on her fingers. I'm not sure if that's a good sign, or not. She usually likes to be pretty dry when she does her button. One of the reasons she says she doesn't like cunnilingus so much. Too wet and slippery.

Watching River masturbate has gotten me hard. Really hard. River notices. "That's a nice one." I want to say "I'll fuck you with it if you have an orgasm" but I don't want to pressure her to have one. Sometimes she just can't come. Not for lack of trying. And I'll fuck her with it even if she doesn't have one.

"Here it is." That was fast, especially for being unresponsive at first. My cock slips into her pussy under her fingers and I fuck hard as she clings to me. But I can't even tell she's having one. I hope she is. I hope I didn't ruin it. I hope she's just trying to be quiet. Without feedback I just do what feels good to me. We usually agree on what feels good. So I just fuck River and enjoy it, happy that she's had her first orgasm in over a month. I was getting worried. After the fast banging I slow down, nice full-length strokes, a relaxing fuck, feeling the whole depth of her pussy with my cock.

"I'm going to get another one." She stirs her button, and again I can't tell whether she's coming or not. She is. "We need to do this somewhere where you can scream." "I've never been much of a screamer." It's true. I used to be more vocal, but I think I've quieted down to match her.

Now it's my turn. I didn't have to hold off while I fucked her in her orgasms, which was nice. I stay on top, work my cock in and out, aim for the interesting and stimulating terrain around her g-spot, and fuck her until I come, pushing her legs up out of the way somewhere and squeezing in and closing my eyes and pumping my load into her. When I look up, she's got a nice smile. I smile back.

She gets two more. "I wish I could do that." "You used to be able to." Without even pulling out. "But not as fast as you."

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