Friday, March 11, 2011

Basic fuck

We get to sleep in this morning. I spoon on River and feel a stiffening. Harder than it was last night. Stick it between her legs. We stay like that for a while, my cock just sitting there, pressing against her vulva, being hard. Crazy morning boner. River gets up to pee and comes back. She shucks her robe off and there she is, looking like a girl, feeling like a girl, soft and warm. My cock hasn't softened while she's been gone. Put it back between her legs. And snuggle.

I'm often wanting to do it again the next morning. And this seems like a good morning to do it again. Sleeping in. Hardon. Desire. So I get on top and we have a few yucky morning kisses, which are always actually quite nice, never yucky at all. Get between her legs, feeling her feet on my butt, my crisp erection rubbing on her. It wants to poke right in. I maneuver for the no-hands stick-in, River wiggles to line it up, and we start in. Laying my body on hers. Our heads together. Just a shallow fuck at first, wondering if she'll be wet enough, or if we'll need something slippery.

Eventually things get stirred up and the moisture kicks in. We won't need any slippery. It feels nice. It seems like it's been a while since I fucked River with a nice hard cock, probing eagerly into her pussy, but to me it always seems like it's been a while. We pick up the pace to River speed, in and out, trying to get the head far enough out to squeeze back in through her opening each time, like she likes. She sounds like she's enjoying it. I certainly am. Either that or she's trying to make me come. But this morning boner could be hard to come with, even though I got it for the right reason. So we just do a steady bang, in and out, in and out, and I hope I'll come some time, but for now I'm just glad I don't have to slow down or stop to hold off, just keep banging, long and steady, like River does with her clit.

After a while I feel my orgasm in the distance. I'll come if we just keep this up. In and out. Our intensity increases. Our bodies are still pasted together, a fancy hug, I'm pulling her against me with her shoulders, we're making the slapping sounds. And still we're going and going, in and out, the friction of her snatch on my hard cock feeling nice, her body feeling good against mine, in and out, and finally the in and out has done its job and I slow down to come and pump my jizz into her.

My cock doesn't get soft. We stay together, liking the feeling. River breaks the silence. "Good morning." "Good morning." "A good basic fuck. That's what I'd call that. No frills. It was good." I'm glad she liked it. I certainly did. It was nice how everything fell into place for a good basic morning-after fuck.

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