Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skillfully delivered fantasy fuck

River is working with some new paint this morning. I was up late last night and I'm still in bed reading and resting. My fantasy of River painting, me masturbating, her coming over and fucking me then painting some more comes to mind. I've got to give her a good long time to paint though. So I read, and rest, and see if my cock will get hard. I got a good one snuggling on River this morning, but it doesn't seem to want to get hard so easily again. So I rest, and read, and listen to the music go by while River paints.

Maybe some oil will help. I push my boxer briefs down and oil my cock. Now that I'm more obviously playing with myself I push the covers down so River can see. If she wants to. I keep my eyes mostly closed. I'm not doing this for her, I'm doing it for me. My cock gets nicely stiff as my hands work up and down, my fist, a few fingers and a thumb, one hand on the base one on the head, my first and second fingers on either side, my hands folded around it, pushing my nuts upward. I'm just staying hard. I feel that I could come easily, but I'm saving that for later. I don't even want to get close until it's time. Every now and then I hear a kid walk down the hall and I have to put it away and talk to them. When they leave I've lost a bit of hardness, but it comes back. Not like the days when my erection would practically sustain itself just on its own pressure and nice feeling. Now it takes some work.

After . . . how long? A half hour? Forty five minutes? An hour? I have no idea. I make sure River knows she's invited. "You're welcome to join me." "Not right now. Thanks for the offer though." That's fine. What I expected. She's got stuff to do first, and I need to let her do it. No pressure from me. "You remember my fantasy?" "Yes." Good enough.

I'm enjoying the sensations my cock and I are creating. It's hard to think of anything else. But my mind wanders to the first time I jacked off with River watching. A warm sunny day, an exotic deserted beach, sitting with River on an outcropping of rocks in the surf. My cock hardens with the eroticism of the moment. A quickie? She declines. I unleash my hard cock, jack off smoothly in the sun, hope she'll get interested. My come shoots onto the rocks, I milk the last drops out, put my cock away, and leave the streams of come to dry and wash away with the tide. Later, when it's dark, we walk out on the beach, lay a towel on the hard sand, and fuck in the starry night

I hear her walking towards me. She's peeled her jeans off. How would it be if I were so close that I came as she finished sliding her pussy down onto me? I think she'd like it. The thought excites me. I can feel it in my nipples.

"That's a nice rod." "The hardness has had an ebb and flow." "It's hard enough for this." She swings a leg over me and her bush comes into view, hovering over my cock. I hold it for her and watch her bush descend as she lowers her pussy onto my cock. After being hard for so long it feels incredible, warm, soft, slippery, sensuous, hot, carnal, enfolding, intimate, dropping slowly onto my sensitive cock. When I look again I can't believe she's only halfway down. She drops all the way on, I feel our parts pressing together, and she fucks me, just like in my fantasy. Some nice pumps, then single point, squatting over me and fucking me with her cunt.

I look up at her. She's cute. Her shirt is still on. I like that. She knows I like that. She's doing it for me. Black, long-sleeve, loose enough to be comfortable, fitting enough to reveal her sporty shape and her small braless tits pressing against the front. I move my hands up to them, her hard nipples tickle my palms through the fabric as I circle them, then reach under and feel the bare skin of her breasts.

River looks down and watches her pussy bobbing up and down on my cock. It's a nice view. "What are you doing?" "Watching the action." "I like it when you watch, but it always surprises me." "Why?" "Because I'm the visual one." "I don't get turned on visually, but I like to watch."

Bouncing in single point is tiring. She drops her knees to the bed, still fucking me. She leans forward and lifts her ass and fucks just my knob, small movements, barely in and out, the microfuck that I do to her. It drives me fucking nuts. I don't want her to stop. "I'll come this way." She keeps it going, moving her pussy opening on my cock head, not too fast, not too slow, the pressure building until my orgasm floods over me and I'm coming, delivering my spunk just inside her cunt, spurt after spurt as she holds still, then slowly slides down my cock, lubricating me with my own come, keeping my orgasm going with the gentle friction of her pussy until she's fully settled on and my cock twitches with the final spurts.

We stay together, and she rolls me on top. I stay hard and we afterfuck, watching my cock work in and out between the fleshy lips of her cunt.

"That was everything I thought it would be. Thanks for such a nice skillful fuck." She's probably blushing.

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