Monday, February 7, 2011

Bedtime massage

I'm not sure I've got anything tonight. But I feel blood going to the right place when I snuggle River. It's been a while since we've done the massage and butt position stick-in. This would be a nice night. I roll River onto her front, oil her back, and do the massage. When I lean forward my cock rubs against her ass and starts to stiffen. When I finish her back I oil up her butt. How I ended up with a sweetie with such an amazingly perfect butt, I'll never know. My cock stiffens as I run my thumb and finger along it, sliding sensations up and down the shaft, and squeeze River's butt cheeks with my other hand.

But I'm wanting something more interesting than our standard butt position stick-in. "Inviting?" "Ok." River bends her knee out to the side invitingly. I straddle her other leg and squeeze my hard cock into her waiting invitation. "Mmm, nice," she says. My fuzzy balls slide along her leg as I push into her wetness, pull out, push back in.

Eventually we move her legs back together and fuck in butt position. I'm doing most of the work, but it's nice to feel her butt wiggling under me and watch River move it up and down, countering my thrusts. We have a nice fuck then I come inside her.

"We're supposed to be on your schedule this year." "I wanted to do it tonight." "What a coincidence. So did I."

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