Thursday, February 24, 2011

Early morning styling session

I wake us up in the morning as usual and we shower. I can't believe how tired I am. When we get back to the bedroom I realize I've misread the clock and gotten us up an hour early. River had mentioned something about it being 5:30, not 6:30, but she was too tired to believe herself so she trusted me. Now that we're awake and showered I can think of a nice way to spend our extra hour this morning. But River would rather start in on homework. I get kind of bent out of shape until River suggests I try to lure her back to bed with a nice back rub. Why didn't I think of that. I love River.

When I walk into the room River is face down on the bed, naked, with the body butter next to her. Her perfect ass creates a stirring in my groin. But I keep my clothes on. I'm not feeling like my recent behavior deserves a nice River fuck.

Butter her back, ass, between her legs to the edge of her bush, down her legs to her feet, taking my time. I savor every square inch of her. Being slathered is one of her favorite things, and I enjoy it at least as much as she does. Butter her feet and between her toes, pressing my thumbs and fingers against her soles and rubbing up and down. Roll her over to expose her deliciously small breasts and her dark triangle. Butter the fronts of her legs, her arms, shoulders, stomach, up to her breasts, sliding my palms and fingers over her nipples.

I feel better. Somewhat redeemed. I undress. Straddle her, feel my cock brushing against her skin, my balls tickling on her luxurious bush, the anticipation building. She reaches for my cock. "Here's a little something." "You're not supposed to call a guy's thing a little something. But I'll give you a little something." She spreads her legs and I swirl her clitoris with my thumb while I stroke my hardening cock with my other hand. "Thumb is nice." "More subtle than fingers, you've said." I put my hard cock against her clitoris, rub up and down, the length of my shaft slotted into her groove, then slide the head down her slit until I feel it dip into her opening and push in and we fuck.

"You're really wet today." "Good." It's like things used to be. River's vagina, always well-lubricated. We pick up the pace, the fuck feeling nice with only a few inches of penetration, knowing there's more to come. Sit up, hands under her knees, lifting her ass, River arching into it and moaning, lifting her ass higher, the strain on my muscles adding to the tension, fucking deeper, faster, until it feels too good. I stop and lower her ass, feel my cock slip out, feel it twitch, feel a drop of come pressing out of the slit. My cock is out and we both see it, thick and white at the tip of my purplish head.

We keep fucking. Holding her legs up in front of me, holding them together, hiding behind them. We can't see each other. Just hear each other, each of us responding to the feelings with moans of pleasure. And we feel each other, my cock filling the space between her closed legs, and I wonder what it's like for her. For me, the word anonymous comes to mind. A nice-feeling hole to fuck. Anonymous without her face to go with it. I look down at my cock plunging in and out of the anonymous space between her legs. But it's not anonymous at all. It's her dark pussy framed by the perfect shape of her legs and ass. River's pussy. River's shape. It's animalistic. Pure fuck. My cock and her hole. Nothing else.

Scoop her legs to my shoulders and rock her back for jackknife, squeezing into her, pulling out, gazing into her eyes and smiling. She's remarkably wet today, and it feels nice sinking all the way into her. "I could come any time." That's how good it feels. I back out for some short thrusts, small movements pushing my head in and out against her g-spot, River still moaning. When I feel my orgasm reach the point of no return I push in deep, feel the tip of my cock against her cervix, hold it, not moving, just waiting, until the first wave of orgasm stiffens my cock inside her and squeezes my come into her, and River feels it and pulls me further in while I'm coming, both of us enjoying my orgasm.

"Once again I feel bad that we fuck until I come then that's it." "It works out ok." Some evening, soon I hope, I'll eat her pussy again after we've fucked and I've come.

"My hair's looking especially nice today," says River. "My stylist has an unusual technique." "I hope you gave him a good tip."

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