Friday, February 4, 2011

Slow fuck in the orgasm

"I'd do it with you tonight." My old line. "I'd do it with you, too." "I have something to look forward to." "Doing it?" "I'm looking forward to you looking forward to doing it."

But River notices that I'm not very horny at bedtime. That's rare. Fortunately she gets me to come around. "If I had a thing, I'd rub your back and stick it in." "You can start on top then." She oils my chest and stomach. Slicks up my balls. Slides her hand up and down my shaft. Rubs her body on mine. I put my hands on her breasts and feel her slippery nipples. I feel her soft pussy lips on my cock. There's a hot naked babe with small tits and a bush hovering over me, her face glowing in the light from the clock, the pyramids of her small breasts pushing towards me, ready to drop onto my hard cock and fuck me. But I'm not getting very hard. "Be patient." "I feel some response."

She gets me hard enough to start and slides down on my cock. I like seeing her above me, and visualizing where my cock has gone inside her. She does the single-point position that she knows is my favorite, working up and down on my cock, only our parts touching. "This always brings the phrase fucking me with your cunt to mind." "My cunt, and not much else."

I'm still not fully hard yet. I've asked for 135 and reverse cowgirl tonight, but I'd probably do better on top. I don't have to ask River twice. She loves it on the bottom and rolls us over. I need something deep and frictiony, so I scoop her legs into jackknife and pump into her until I can feel her cervix squeezing out of the way on each thrust. She can feel it, too. I'm getting harder. Sit up and pull her legs against me, then grab her waist and bang harder. Now she's warming up. I keep going as long as I can, but I'm starting to soften.

"I think I've got one in me," she says, "but maybe you should go first." I convince her to go first. I pull out and rub her clit with my thumb, then she takes over while I try to get my cock hard to fuck her when she comes. She's got her head back, one hand on her chest, the other rubbing circles on her clit, one finger on each side of her button. I'd rather be licking it, but I put two fingers on her pussy entrance for inspiration as I jack off. I can tell I won't have any problem coming, but I'm still not very hard. "Take your time," I tell her.

I can hear the kids out in the hall, going to the bathroom. If they come down the hall they'll get an eyeful. River masturbates herself obliviously while they go back to their room. I slide a finger into her slippery pussy and do some slow circles on her g-spot. "It won't be long." I hope I'm hard enough.

"Here it is." I put my cock in place like I've done so many times before. It's hard enough to push into her while she comes. I fuck her while she orgasms under me, a slow fuck, pushing in as deep as I can. She's having a long one. And a good one by the sounds she's making. Her moans are triggering my orgasm, and she knows we're both coming when I moan and push into her and do a deep fuck, just moving in and out about an inch, her pussy feeling wet as I empty my load into her. "If you ever want me to come, just fake an orgasm." "I don't think I could. I'm not really sure what I do during my paroxysms of pleasure." "It's never the same twice." "If I repeat myself, you'll know I'm faking."

"That was an experimental slow fuck in the orgasm." Usually I fuck her like there's no tomorrow when she's coming. "It was nice. I like all fucks in the orgasm."

She goes for another one as I stick my fingers back into her for her g-spot. "That's such a nice feeling," she says. And I like the sticky wet feeling of her cunt after I've come in it. "You might have a high-water mark. My period isn't through yet." Badge of honor.

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