Monday, February 21, 2011

River's really nice touch

We lie around in bed together in the morning having a nice snuggle. River moves her arm and her hand comes to rest partly on my cock. "I don't mean anything by that." Fine with me. I'm enjoying our snuggle and don't need anything more this morning. But I adjust my position so my cock is fully under her hand, and it stiffens a bit. "I feel some response." She moves her hand and curls her fingers around the base, then strokes gently upwards. It feels amazing, her fingers running smoothly over the skin of my shaft, up to the sensitive ridge at the head. She's always had a really nice touch. She slides her hand back down and I push my hardening cock through her fingers a bit. We keep that up for a while, her hand moving slowly up and down, following my cues and sighs for speed.

"Now I mean something by that. There's a receptive girl playing with your cock." I sit on top of her and move forward so I can reach back between her legs for her pussy. She puts her hand back on my cock and jacks me off easily while I slide my fingers down her fur and rub her lips, then work my fingers between them into her wetness. Back up to her clitoris, a finger on each side, working her clit hood over it like she showed me, large movements up and down, smaller movements side to side.

We spread her legs and I get between them, my hard cock ready for the plunge. I try for the no-hands stick-in but it's not going. "Do we need some slippery?" "I think it will be ok once it's in." She reaches down and puts my cock in place and I push and she's right, she's really wet, my cock slides into her beautifully and we fuck in missionary. I feel appreciative, crossing my legs to get in deep, hugging against her, my face in her hair, my cock pulling out to her lips then pushing back in to her cervix, increasing the rhythm while River moans. It feels so good to be fucking this morning. We can hear the kids waking up but nobody comes wandering in.

I sit up and grab River's waist to pull her against me, she puts her hands on the wall to push back, and we keep our rhythm going nice and steady until I feel my orgasm well up and I just let it come, washing over me, my eyes squeezing shut, my skin getting goosebumps, my head turning from side to side, my come spurting into her.

We clean up and spoon until it's time for River to get up. I fall asleep again.

"That hand job this morning felt really nice." "So did the fuck. I was wanting some lube." "You were really wet." "I mean for the hand job." "It was perfect without it." "Thanks." River's really nice touch.

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