Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Magic capsules

River and I visit Dr S together.  I get magic capsules.  L-Arginine.  We both want to try them out.  I'm skeptical but take them.  I lure River in my dark blue boy underwear and cologne then go up to sleep.  River comes up and wakes me.  I like being woken up to do it in a dreamy mental state.  She has her panties on like I hoped she would.  She gives smooches and snuggles with intertwining legs and gives a very arousing hand job through the underwear, rubbing the hard base of my cock under my nuts.   It is working but I'm still skeptical and think it could be harder.  My underwear comes off.  I move into position and River's panties come off up her legs and over my head.  River rubs my hard cock on her parts.  This should make it even harder but I'm afraid of losing it before it goes in. No worries.  The magic capsules seem to work tonight.  In it goes.  That's the stuff.  Strong missionary.  I could get off quickly but don't want to.  Fast and furious. Jackknife.  River wants slow and I was about to do that anyway.  All the way in until it bottoms out.  Nice.  I go for the g-spot angle.  It's funny getting it back in when it comes out.  It's a good one.  Some sitting action without fail.  River on her side, River on her front. Maybe shoot on her back for a change.  Some questions of slipperiness.  I spread River's legs a bit but it's awkward. Doggy style.  Amusing queef action.  Astroglide.  Somewhere in there I've held off again.  I'm back on top for flying v.  River is going nuts and talking g-spot.  I ask if she might come then my orgasm comes roaring up without much warning and I pull out and flop on River and keep squeezing for every last spurt.  Wow. River has been very talkative about what feels especially nice, and every time I could tell because it was the same for me.  There's this certain mutual friction.  Next morning I get hard again thinking about it all and go to the shower to show River.  Not a sleep boner but a good "morning after, wants more action" boner.  River may never see me limp again.

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