Friday, October 8, 2010


Three days again. I don't remember much. Pushing in deep in jackknife. Then the extra half inch, a couple times, each time suddenly feeling her cervix next to my cock and pressing against River's tender uterus until I have to back off. An intense orgasm.

Now I remember more. Starting by feeling River's bush under the covers, slowly slipping my fingers down beside her lips, her legs parted for me, still feeling her tantalizing bush hairs, onto her lips, feel their fleshiness, up to the firmness of her clitoris within the folds of her labia. Do the circles that she likes. Ask about the most sensitive part. The back. Supersensitive without the hood. I've seen her respond when I get it, wincing and pulling back, like I do when I'm supersensitive after an orgasm, the rare times that even the softness of her pussy is too much to take.

She might have one in her. She woke up with one this morning. She reveals that she went for more, taking advantage of the freebie, and lost count. That means at least six. And she's back for more this evening. I put my hand on hers, my fingers on her fingers, learning her moves, her hair brushing beneath our hands, her clitoris getting what it likes. It might be close, she says. I get ready.

And I remember even more. I've pre-slept. Been asleep about an hour. We had a date this evening. My plan was to pre-sleep and have her wake me up and fuck me, on top, getting me hard and doing all the work while I stay in the half-sleep, half-waking state I like that makes fucking even more intense. I've taken a Cialis to make it easier. But she doesn't go for my plan. I like her plan though. I pre-sleep, she masturbates next to me, and I fuck her in her orgasm. I sit up and get ready while she gets into it. I'm not getting as hard as I should despite the Cialis. Hard enough to stick the tip between her lips, through her improbable spot, into her wetness, and let it stiffen in her nice slippery snatch, feeling her lips move as she uses two fingers to circle her clit. I hope I'm not distracting her from her business. I want her to come. I'll fuck her in her orgasm and she'll come hard. I lower my mouth to her nipple, sliding my tongue over it, tugging on it. She doesn't have one tonight. I thank her for trying. And we fuck.

Deep jackknife, with the extra half-inch finishing thrusts. I feel bigger and harder today, she says. She feels nice, too. I watch my cock diving into her, past the tuft of bush, straight down into her delicious pussy, in and out, looking thick and slippery. We've been silent. I like that. Just focusing on fucking. On doing it. The way we like it. Now we talk. That turns me on, too. Fuck and talk at the same time. A break to dab oil onto my shaft, leaving it in, a few dabs and we're back. Fucking. Sticking it back in with no hands when I get greedy and pull out too far. River's hands on the wall, pushing herself against me. It's too much. I hold off. But I feel my orgasm wanting to burst out.

This fuck will have a slow finish. Just three more thrusts, I whisper. I like how that feels. One. Two. Almost there, just one more, the final push, hard, deep, I come, quietly this time, but intensely, my breath coming in stutters, my whole body stiffening, shuddering, feeling my left nut get pulled up, a sign of a good one, then I'm completely spent, drained, collapsing back on the bed, my head hanging off the edge, breathing hard while River drips.

Her period starts the next morning. We've knocked it loose.

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