Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 3: Back rub, butt position stick-in, I do all the work

"I rub your back, butt position stick-in, then I do all the work." "Think you can stick to your plan?" "I don't know." A way to initiate. Like it's a foregone conclusion. Has the week-long experiment started? River sure is being a good sport. I find myself feeling sweet and tolerant. But we're having such a nice snuggle I'm not even sure I can get started with my plan. But I do.

"There's your amazing butt." Trying River's quick and light effleurage style again. Sitting on her butt to do her neck and shoulders. Shoulder blades. Fists up her back bumping over her ribs. Lats. Sacrum. Hands together. Alternating. More oil for her butt.

River's being quiet. I like quiet. I feel bad for interrupting every now and then to say something. Time to see what I've got today. Right hand on myself. Left thumb dips into her secret darkness. "Are you finding anything?" She helps and my thumb finds a path through the flaps into the wetness.

It's going to be a nice stick-in today. Keep my thumb in place and slide it in right underneath. My cheek on her back. Sitting up with my hands on her. Wide straddle for butt position single point. Feeling her butt against my stomach. On my arms with my legs spread behind me.

I'm not really doing all the work of course. I can feel River fucking back. Enhancing things. I'm looking at River's shape under me. Her back, her butt. My sweetie looks like a girl. No matter how we do it, she's in front of me. Good thing I'm the visually stimulated one. Although she likes to watch too, and see me in daylight.

"Do you want to do anything else?" "I'm enjoying the colors." I'm enjoying everything. "I should finish soon. Fast or slow?" "Slow." Hold myself up on my hands with my legs spread so only our parts are touching. Butt position single point. Focusing and intensifying the sensations. A little faster than slow. But not much. Just enough to keep the feelings slowly building with each stroke into her. Be patient. I'm getting there.

When I know it's just a few more I slow way down. I feel like I'm turning inside out as I push in for the last one and she pushes back as I flood into her. We keep it in and roll over into spoons. That was sweet. "The slow ones are always interesting." "I'll probably fall asleep before you tonight. You can talk to me and keep me awake if you want. A taste of my own medicine."

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