Friday, June 18, 2010

A lovely start in the morning, to finish later

I'm awake around 6:15 with an erection. Snuggle on River. But she's very twitchy this morning. "You can look, but you can't touch." She pulls the covers off her. "That's something, anyway." I don't mind. I gaze for about fifteen minutes. Thinking of how I haven't masturbated for five months. Maybe I should now. No, I'll save it. "Maybe I could snuggle on you." She does. I love being snuggled on. But I'm thinking. River seems fairly awake. I have to ask. "Would you like to have some sex this morning?" "It's not even seven. I want to doze for a while." That's fair. She dozes. My mind wanders. Thinks about eating her pussy while she's on her side. Will I get one this morning? I can't always. A few minutes after seven I try. I think I can. River rolls closer and offers her butt. My left hand feels her butt, then dips under for her parts. A tricky angle. The feel could be going better. "The hand that was recently named Claude." Sit up, feel her, find the wet, get hard. Kneel behind her and rub the head of my cock around her opening and along her lips. She's got nice lips. Dark and meaty. I could suck them into my mouth and tug on them and tease my tongue between them. But not now. Stick my cock in just a little. Fuck just a little. "Are you liking me sideways?" "We've done this before." "I know." And yes I do like it. Even though it's not very deep. "It's a good way to start." Like inviting. She's just there and I just fuck her. Look at River. Watch the action. Disappearing into her. Go as deep as this position allows. "It looks like I wanted to have some sex this morning." My erection is strong and classic. Like they used to be. River kicks her leg over me and rolls onto her back. Missionary. Slide it in all the way. "We could finish later." "We could." "That's my new thing. A tricky way to do it twice in one day. It's so transparent." A nice intimate fuck. Jackknife, her legs up on my shoulders. Pushing her cervix out of the way. "Are you ok?" "Yeah." Watch her eyes, close my eyes and enjoy it. Look down and watch. See her bush sticking up between her closed legs. "Tuft." I'm almost getting a taste in my mouth it's so nice. How to end so we can finish later. Push in deep and rub against her cervix. I want to disengage but I can't. The urge to grab her and slam into her deep and hard until I come is nearly overwhelming. But I can master it. I think. Lean down in default, my head against her body, pull her down onto me with her shoulders, her hands on the wall, faster, shallow. Try to disengage. Sit up in default. Full pullouts. Press my achingly hard cock on her parts with my hand, tease her opening, slide up to her clit, back down, will it or won't it, back up, back down, it will this time, slip it in and fuck some more. We both used to tease with my cock like that, wondering when it would go in, then she'd press it down and I'd know it was time to sink into her. "I can't stop." "I think you're trying to go against evolution." "You're drying out a bit." "Does that make it easier?" "No." Push my cock against her parts with my body and rub against her, angle for a no-hands stick-in and fuck some more. After four or five false finishes I manage to pull out for good. Standing by the bed with my still hard cock rising between us. How my erections used to be. A classic. "Now we stop, and it's all the same to you." "I like it when you come. Eventually." "And you won't even drip all day." "Have a lovely day." "I'm not sure how it could get lovelier." "You have something to look forward to."

It's a long drive to work. I wish she were next to me. I want to thank her for the emotionally bonding and therapeutic day we had yesterday. I haven't felt this good for a long time. I want to do thousands of different things today. Again I want to capture the feeling so I can get back to it when I need it. When I get to work I call and thank her for yesterday.

As usually happens, I'm wanting to eat her pussy tonight. Get the real taste in my mouth.

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