Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A "quick quickie"

We're in bed late. A nice snuggle. We roll towards each other, River's legs crossed over mine. "This is a nice snuggle position." Comfortable and intimate. I've been wanting to do it in this position for a while. But tonight I'm just having a nice snuggle. And we're having some nice kisses. "I know you have to get up early, but we could do a quick quickie." Surprise. If I turn that down River will think there's something wrong with me. We had a nice day skipping out on work. I start a small dry hump against River to see if anything happens. This morning I snuggled River and got a nice hardon against her butt. "Good morning." "I wish that would happen in the evening." It's happening a little. River reaches between her legs, finds my cock, and gives it some help. "Left-handed." "I'm ambidickstrous." We both laugh. It's hard enough. She lines it up. I feel it push into her enveloping wetness. "I bet you weren't expecting that." "I was expecting something like that." River has read my mind. We're fucking in the sweet and intimate snuggle position, my cock bridging the gap between her pubes and mine. Not very deep, but nice. I'm thinking of pushing River's legs up to her chest for better access when she rolls over into spoons, like I'm always thinking when we snuggle with my erection against her butt. "Are you going to be picking the positions?" I like it when she does. "No." "We'll just stay this way." "Sounds good." We've been taking it slow. It won't be a quick quickie if it's slow. "How quick?" "Come the first time." "Ok." When you're a girl you get to come all you want, but when you're a guy you try to not come for as long as you can? Something like that. But this is a quickie. We speed up. I hold River's hip with both hands and rock her against me. Wrap my arm around her and pull us together in full spoon snuggle position. Push back for deeper penetration and speed up. "This sure is a strange thing that we do." Pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. "It's strange that we think it's strange." I reach down and feel her pussy with my cock sliding in and out of it. All the way in. All the way out. "I like feeling that." I move River's hand behind her to where she can feel my cock sliding in and out of her. "Wet." Very. This is a classic fuck, going from slow and easy to fast and hard. Finally I feel the expanding warmth of impending orgasm but it's still a ways off. I think River doesn't mind. She likes fast and hard. And this time I don't have to stop and disappoint her ("I'm never disappointed.") Not as hard as our hardest bang ever which was also in spoons, but hard enough. A nice slow buildup, pull out to the tip and let it linger and build, then the final thrust to push it over the edge and I'm pumping what feels like a huge load into her and making all kinds of crazy sounds as I pull her against me and we finish our "quickie." Again I stay hard for a long time afterwards, then we get the traditional t-shirt off the floor and River cleans up without leaving to use gravity. I like that. And I've stayed cool enough for more comfortable snuggling with River. I like that, too.

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