Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Morning quickie on our library room floor

A nice snuggle in the morning before we get up. I rub and stroke River's breasts, feeling into the muscle beneath. "You're making it hard to get up." "Good." But she gets out of bed, puts her robe on, and goes downstairs to make some tea to soothe her throat. I linger and play with my semi-erect cock, one hand on my balls, one hand at the top, working together, then pull some clothes on and come downstairs.

River is sitting in a chair in the library by the front porch window. I sit on her and snuggle. "I could sneak off and have some sex with you right about now." She's waiting for her tea to cool. I look around the room. The kids often leave stuff all over the floor. A regular obstacle course. Today the window cushion is on the floor. Upholstered foam. Six feet long. Several inches thick. Just the right width. The idea comes out before I even know I have it. "There's a comfy cushion on the floor." "There is." Why has that not occurred to me before. Comfort is one of River's reasons for preferring the bed.

"It's quiet upstairs." She's right, it's a nice quiet morning with the kids still asleep. "Quickie?" She thinks. Again I don't dare wonder what she's thinking. It's never what I think she's thinking. Even though it seems we can often read each other's minds. "You can even keep your robe on." I'm checking the sight lines through the windows. I can see the neighbor's porch and a house across the street. "What else do you need?" "Nothing." I have a good view of our porch as I take my pants off. The window doesn't have a curtain. "I hope nobody comes up on the porch." "Nobody will." It's ironic hearing her say that. That's my line.

She lies down on the cushion and opens her robe and reveals herself. Everything in the right place. "I hope my thing works." "It will." My right hand does me. I'm still leaking from being with River earlier. I spread the fluid around with my thumb. My left hand does her. Feeling her wet pussy with my thumb, moving up to her clit. It's working. I'm jumpier than River when somebody coughs upstairs. "It was just a cough." But I want to get going before we miss out so I do the stick-in before I'm all the way hard but it doesn't take long to stiffen up after we start.

It's interesting having River a few inches off the floor on the cushion while my hands and knees are on the floor. Different than just having a pillow under her. "Having it a little closer?" That's not quite how I'd put it. It never seems far away. We always line up well. It's more like having her in an unexpected place. Even though I expect it. Again we stumble across something new together. We'll have to try this with some other positions. Butt. River on top. But I'm on top for this quickie.

"A quickie." I could come now. "But not too quick." I slow down and enjoy having River on the cushion, being in our library, the quiet morning. And just being with River. Speed up. "It's going to end soon though." We fuck until I come, then I bring my knees up onto the cushion between her legs. Missionary. Comfy. "I should have gotten up here with you earlier." I look at River, beautiful beneath me, her body framed by her robe. We need a t-shirt. I'm still wearing one. It comes off and she puts it to work. "I gave you the shirt off my back." "Yes you did."

We get up, River fastens her robe, I'm pulling my pants back on. Out the window a neighbor is painting the second story of his house. "I didn't even notice that guy." "He wasn't looking over here. He was just painting his house the same boring color." Again, that sounds like my line.

Before long the kids are awake and a delivery guy is dropping something off on the porch. We had good timing this morning.

My insecurities again. "I get to have an orgasm and you just get to drip all day long." "Gravity will get it out faster than that."

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