Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A 5am muff dive

It's 5am. The balcony door is open to the warm outside. I don't have one that won't quit. But maybe I can get one. Three fingertips stir the skin on the right side. I can. I do. Fairly easily. Surprise. River isn't in a stick-in position. Not inviting. Not spoons. Not butt. How is she? I peek under the covers and see bush. On her back. What to do. Slide my hand over her bush and down between her legs to her soft lips. There's her clitoris. There's her vagina. Maybe a little dry. Circles on her clitoris. Finger between her lips. Keeping myself hard. I don't have a plan. But there's something I have to do. I sit up beside her, lean over, and put my mouth on her pussy. A good position. My tongue runs up and down her slit then settles on her button. I try to do it like I do with my hand, the circles, the firmness, the placement. This is nice. There's nothing quite like having River's muff on my face in the morning. I enjoy myself. I hope River enjoys myself. Bring my hand up and pull the skin at the top of her pussy as I do the circles with my tongue. Now she's responding. Moving back. Breathing. Moaning. Things that make me go mmmm as I work my tongue over her parts. My left hand under her thigh lifts her closer to me. Sit up and switch to my hand. One finger on her clit. Two fingers. Her body flexing under me. My arm tires a bit as I speed up. Eventually it's more of a side-to-side motion in an effort to keep things going. Again I stiffen easily as I rub her clit. I'm leaking. Spreading the slippery fluid around my head as I stroke myself. "I can finish if you want." I want. I watch. She does the circles, reaching deep, her lips swirling under her fingers. Come first fuck second? Or fuck in the orgasm? "It's coming." I can't decide. "Here it is." She's maintained me well. She's coming. I climb over her leg and push my hard cock into her warm wetness and we fuck. Hard. Nice reactions as her cervix gets pushed out of the way on the deep strokes. Fast. I slow down as I feel my turn coming. Then we push together, feeling her pubic bone against mine as my muscles squeeze with release and send the spurts of my load deep into her. I hope she was nearly finished with hers. There's not much left for the afterfuck after that. "I wasn't expecting you to give me one of those this morning." "Neither was I. I didn't do all the work." "You were doing great." "You just got a lot of goodwill." "So did you." And we get to go back to sleep.

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