Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 6: Face-to-face

The kitchen is cleaned up, my teeth are brushed. River is still in Brook's room. I go lie down on our bed to wait. I'm sweet and tolerant. River needs her time. I only wait a minute. A nice greeting so she knows I'm ok. Wash each other in the shower. I've thought of something new for my plan. She's suggested I exercise my tongue in the shower some time. "Lucky lucky lady likey likey licky licky?" Something is going through her head but it's not a good idea to guess what it is. I'm never right. "It takes too long. I'm tired. I'm doing it tonight because we've already got five days behind us." I'm sweet and tolerant. River's been sweet and tolerant herself today. As usual. Assuaging some of my fears and insecurities about lap swimming and art classes. Putting up my with personality quirks. "I knew you were like that when I hired you." "You hired me?" "Yes." "At least you pay well." I gaze at her in bed. It's after ten but the light outside is still fading. "I didn't mean to be so negative earlier." Smoochies. Me on top. River spreading her legs beneath me. And doing her magic. I'd hope it would work after watching her in the changing room and the pool and the shower. And it does. We each get a bit of oil. Her lips feel nice oiled up. I'm reaching back for her pussy with both hands. "You feel nice and hard." "You feel nice and soft and wet. And mysterious. I wish I could do as nice a job on you as you do on me." "You do." "Are we ready?" "Yes." Her handjobs are so nice it's hard to stop even to fuck. But I get between her legs and she sticks it in. Immediate transition to missionary and full pull-outs. Her feet on my butt. I always tell her how much I like that. Because I do. Feeling her pull me in. Face to face. Jackknife. "We had to do this sometime in the seven days." "Of course." She holds her feet up on each side of my head with her hands. It's insane how she can do that. "I grin." "I can see." "I watch." "Me too." Try to go extra high to enhance her view. "Are you having fun yet?" "Yes." "Me too." The deepest position. "Is that ok?" "A few times." I fuck about halfway in. Then rest against her bush and arch upwards into her with my hips. "That's not such a good angle." Good to know. "I always like the top that you call the front." Microfuck with just the head going in and out. "And I like this too." River is sore and needs to take her legs down. Time to finish with a nice solid face to face fuck. Pull down on her shoulders. Speed up. So fast my knee might get burned sliding on the bed but I don't care. My sweetie and I are entwined. It's hard to pull out all the way when we're going so fast but I try. Think of how fast River goes when she's doing herself. We're probably going that speed. I hope. I'm glad the good part of the good part is lasting so long. I'm liking pounding into River. Not as hard as in spoons a few days ago, but faster. At this speed there's a gradual buildup. Hard to predict exactly when it will happen. "Here it comes." It sneaks up and gushes out as we push together. "Do you know where your nut is?" I move River's hand down so she can pop it back into place. It's always a good one when I feel one or both of my nuts getting sucked up. I've had the forethought to bring my t-shirt to the bedroom after our shower. River goes old-school again with just the shirt and no gravity assist. It's cute when she does that. We talk for a while, about infinity and who knows what. I like talking together afterwards. Afterglowing. "You're a good sport for doing this experiment. Or maybe it's the scientist in you. You should be wearing your lab coat." "You said the magic word." "Please?" "Experiment." Sometime after midnight I wake up and realize River isn't sleeping so well again. She takes me up on my offer to switch to our usual sides. I hope it helps.

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