Thursday, July 29, 2010

River takes charge and shakes up the routine

"I want to persuade you to have some kind of sex with me." "I'd probably do that." "I was thinking of the word for you today. It's "pretty"." River is pretty today. She's been told the gray shirt she's wearing has "nice details". I think whoever said that was talking about her tits. And I agree. They are nice.

I play guitar while River knits. Upstairs I light candles and go out on the balcony to wait for River and watch for shooting stars. And strip. I hear River come into the room. "I always need an excuse to hang out on the balcony naked." "You have your glasses on." "Like you and your watch. You're not naked as long as you have your watch on."

We sit on the bed. River's erotic, her hips and butt flowing out from under her cute gray shirt with the nice details, the cleft of her ass disappearing under her. I reach over and touch it. Some nice warmup kisses. I'm halfway hard already. "What kind of sex are we going to have?" "Shirt sex. I thought you'd like that." I do.

River takes charge, rolls me back and gets on top, a nice surprise, the blunted triangle of her bush framed by her nicely detailed shirt and legs. Oils me for one of her expert handjobs. "Isn't this a nice cock I have?" "If you do come back as a guy, your cock will be backwards." We think about how nice it would be to be able to get inside each other's heads right now.

River does the stick-in and fucks me. "Who's doing what to who?" We fuck each other. Her shirt comes off and she reaches back with it and wipes the oil off my cock. "I always like how that feels when you're wiping and fucking." That's better. She does single point and I let her do all the work while I close my eyes and writhe in ecstasy beneath her. "I hope this feels as nice for you as it does for me." "It couldn't possibly." Oh yeah. It's strenuous. She's working really hard and her knees are popping. "But I really appreciate it." "I need a workout to get better at that." "I'll help."

She leans down to hug and we get a good long time in, her rocking back and forth, me pushing in and out just a little. I like hugging her in close while she's on top. "Nice fuck, sweetie." She sits up and we collide putting our hands on each other's chest. I palm her boobs, pushing them together, pushing them upwards. "I'm glad you've got my favorite boobs." She puts one hand on my chest while she does me. Somehow that's even better than both hands. More casual, more attentive, more powerful, I don't know.

"I want something doggy style." "Turn around." She turns around, reverse cowgirl, her ass bobbing up and down, her cunt lips spreading to engulf me, me enjoying the view and wondering where it goes. Reverse single point. Again I let her do the work. Then we roll and twist into doggy. "I smell pussy." "I'm glad you like that smell." "It's a nice smell." It gets me even hornier.

River goes low. I go with her. "I like feeling my balls rub on your feet." I've got a hard hardon. It's nice watching it slide in and out under River's amazing ass. "Is there some air in there?" "Let's see." Squeef. "That's better." I do the work, River does the work, we both do the work. I've been on the edge of coming the whole time and need to stop for a break. River's feet give my balls a warm tickle that almost sets me off. She backs up onto my cock and my orgasm feels inevitable, I think about finishing with a few hard thrusts while I still can, but the need passes. I pull out and feel her pussy while I recuperate. "That might have been as close as I've ever come." "I wanted to keep going." I find her hole and plug it back in and we keep going.

We've been going Reed speed, a bit slow. Time for some River speed. Faster and harder. Deep. Banging all the way in. "Are you ok?" "Yeah." It sounds slightly painful but I trust her and keep going. I'm lasting for a while but not much longer and I know this will be the finish and I let go and mmmmm and push and pull and flood into her. "You probably always know when I'm coming." "You've hidden a few of them." "Recently?" "Yeah." She's probably right, like maybe the recent time she fucked me in the orgasm. But really they're better when I make a production out of them.

It's still hard. The long afterfuck is more like a serious fuck. I could probably stay hard. But it's coming up to midnight and we've joked about staying up until midnight fucking and I don't want to push it. That was a good fuck. "Nice plan." "Something non-routine."

"Were you ok?" "It hurt a little but it felt really good and I didn't want to stop."

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