Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's nice enough just nestling against River this morning

I get to sleep in a bit today. It's nice waking up with sleepy River and snuggling on her. I end up on my back with my leg touching her. An erection starts. I get fully erect without much encouragement. Amazingly, I don't want to do River this morning. Unless she asks. Just have a fancy snuggle. I roll over into spoons and push my erection under her butt. Her bush hair scratches nicely against my cock as I make a few small movements to get things settled in. I've woken River up. "Are you going to do anything with that?" I shake my head. It's nice enough just nestling against her while we talk about our plans for the day.

We talk more in the shower. She satisfied a chocolate craving last night. "An orgasm would have done the same thing." We talk about the possibility of chocolate-enhanced orgasms. "It might make them easier. It would be a good experiment." "You said the magic word. Wear your lab coat."

River puts on a gray shirt with her 501s. She's cute. "Undressable" is the word that comes to mind.

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