Thursday, July 22, 2010

What makes River tick?

Every now and then I come around to the question, what makes River tick? What turns her on? Why does she want to have sex? I want her to want it more so we can both have more of it. Sometimes it seems like an imposition. Something I do to her. Of course I've asked. Her answers can vary from time to time because I think she's not even sure herself, and she varies from time to time. We both agree that it's good for our relationship, and our relationship has generally been quite nice since we started doing it again with a passion. There are things that turn her on and get her in the mood. Massage. Baths. Me smelling nice. But although smelling nice works, River is somewhat sensitive to scents so I can't do it any more. So what else? Hotel rooms. Hotel rooms? Now it's my turn to tease her about our bed not being good enough, and remind her that she was the first to use the word "routine" and wonder what to do for variety. But not just any hotel rooms. Sexy hotel rooms. Like the one we stayed at a while back. The mood lighting seemed to make an impression. We can still have sex in the econo hotel room we're planning on staying in this weekend, especially since the kids will have their own room. But it won't be sexy sex. What will it be? "Mom and dad sex." "Isn't that what we have all the time?" It seems pretty hot to me.

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