Friday, January 15, 2010

A hotel room with a mirror

River has booked us a room at a boutique hotel for two nights and brought the family down. It's an amazing corner room suite with a huge living room for the kids and a separate bedroom for us. The hotel has an art theme. "I'd have sex here." "Tonight?" "Yeah." "And tomorrow?" "Sure."

There's a mirror. Neither of us has done it with a mirror. We want to see hello kitty. That would be a finisher. We're not in bed long when River gets on top. But it's not working so well, even when I sit up to kiss. River thinks it's ok and I'm just being impatient. "I might have to start on top." River rolls back and spreads. "I'm easy." Stick-in at medium hardness. We're upside down so no wall or headboard. I have a good time compensating with River's shoulder. "Do you want to have one?" "No." "I don't see how you can do this and not want to have one."

I'm way more interested in looking at River than in watching in the mirror. But eventually River rolls up into doggy and I stick it back in. We do low doggy for the transition to hello kitty. I look at us in the mirror. We look pretty good. I'd watch a porno with us in it. River says she'd watch one, too. I'd probably do it if she wants to make one. We're good looking and interesting. River can see my low doggy position. Then River is up into hello kitty and I grab her tits and pull her into me and we fuck for all we're worth. "I'm going to come." "You should." "If I come now we'll have to do this again tomorrow." I'm thinking River should have a chance to see herself on top in the mirror. "Ok." My eyes are closed and we're banging then I'm mashing it in and having a great come. "I couldn't keep my eyes open through that." River agrees we looked good. "I hope you like your boobs better." "Yeah, they looked pretty good." I don't make this stuff up.

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