Saturday, January 16, 2010

Second night in a boutique hotel

I'm ok if we don't do anything tonight. "I'm tired. But I'd still read." That kills me. River has taken a bath. I've moved her suitcase out of the way of the hotel room mirror. I'd kind of like her to see herself on top.

She's putting lotion on. She'd like some oil on her back. I'm happy to comply. I've barely started. "Now I'll do anything you want. And that includes nothing." "Let's see how I feel after rubbing your back." I rub her back. Then her butt. "Let's see how I feel." Again I have trouble getting my thumb between her lips. Good thing I like them so much. It takes two hands. "I'm having trouble again." "I'm impenetrable." "Oh, I think you're going to be penetrated tonight." "By a pennis." "That's a word I haven't heard for a long time."

It's good enough for the butt position stick in. "A little towards the ceiling." "What? Oh." There it goes. "I thought I had that one sussed out. I need more practice." We get a nice fuck going. River uses the wall in butt position.

"I want to roll you over." "Ok." We get to interlock. I'm wanting to finish here, but River's hip hurts and we shift to sideways with her legs over my legs. This is a nice position since we figured out the trick of pushing her legs back. "That looks athletic for you." "It's not so bad." She sticks her legs up. Then jacknife. I'm wanting to finish here too, but something hurts a bit and we drop into default to finish.

I sure like fucking River.

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