Tuesday, April 27, 2010

River first

It's been a while. Even River thinks so. We've decided on evening instead of morning. River wants to bathe to wash up the final vestiges of period. I wish she weren't so squeamish about that. It's an honor to do her with lingering remnants of her womanhood. But I can't insist too much. It's not my way. She knows my feelings and she has her reasons. She goes in and sits on a chair. The rest of the plan is up to me. Not that things ever happen according to my plans. When I come into the room she's already in bed. "There goes my plan." "What was it?" "You in the chair. I warm you up with my tongue. Move to the bed. I'm not sure when I take my clothes off. Then we go to sleep. After we fuck." "That sounds sweet." As we talk I notice she's already got her hand between her legs stirring her button. That's hot. I wonder how she can do that. I've got to arouse myself with a bit of teasing and some mental foreplay before I start the serious stimulation. But she can just dive right in and stir. Or so it seems. "Now I'm thinking, you give yourself one, I give you another one with my tongue, then we fuck." "Ok." No fucking in the orgasm tonight, just an old-fashioned rub while I watch and a chance to get her off with my tongue. I watch her circles. How her lips swell and bulge as she orbits her clit. "I'm watching and learning." "What are you learning?" "Speed mostly." I watch some more. My turn will come later. River can come first and fuck second. So I concentrate on her. Slip a finger in and feel the roughness of her g-spot. Like the time she said it felt like she was going to squirt. I'd like to hear that again. But it's been over a year. Maybe she's squeamish about that too. River always thinks of her g-spot as the front of her vagina. To me, it's the top, since she's usually on her back when I'm exploring the interesting terrain up there with my cock or my finger. It can get confusing. We'll try saying ventral and dorsal when we need to. Not very erotic. Reminds us of fish. But better than anterior and posterior. Maybe roof and floor. Or maybe I'll just get inside her so to speak and start thinking in terms of front and back. It would probably make her happy. It would make me happy to get inside her any way I can. She's been rubbing, and she's orgasming, and I'm feeling bad that I'm not fucking her in it, and I've just got my selfish motivations for wanting to do her with my tongue for my own ego, but I'm thinking some variety is good, don't want to get in a rut, and it's sounding like a nice long interesting one, maybe she can stretch them out herself now, so I take some comfort in that. My turn to do her. River can often dip in and easily coax out another orgasm when she feels one bubbling up. I have to try it the hard way. I put my face into her parts. I love being up close and personal like that. She's clean today after the bath. I prefer it when she smells a bit more like pussy, but it's still nice and sweet and soft as I stir her with my tongue. "Harder and bigger and you'll get it." I've been asking for hints for the longest time. But she says talking can set her back. I do harder and bigger. But I'm getting tired already. A first. Do the trick I use sometimes, gripping my tongue between my teeth while I try to keep up the harder and bigger. "This is a first. I'm too tired to keep going already." "You can usually go quite a while." River takes over and I work on getting ready to fuck her in the orgasm. I'm not ready when she says it's here. I try to squeeze it into her anyway but no luck. She reaches down and manages to get it in place. I don't know how she has the presence of mind. Desperate, she says. We squeeze together and I feel it pop through the opening into her juicy pussy and stiffen as we fuck. Come first fuck second. I like it.

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