Friday, April 30, 2010

Hot tubs, yurt, massage, and a nice honeymoon fuck

Dover Bay. We have a nice dinner and head out to the clothing-optional outdoor hot tubs and sauna. We checked them out earlier in daylight and I really wanted to strip and get in with River but we were hungry.

We come back out in the dark. It's quiet. Maybe we'll be the only ones. But we enter and find a bunch of fat people. In suits. Just as well. We strip and get in the cold shower. Show them how it's done. River is so cute with her bush and her small tits and happy face. There's one naked guy in a tub with us but he's a bit old and not much else. A couple fat chicks come out of the sauna. Their big sloppy boobs seem to be topless but they're not worth much investigation. A young asian woman makes an appearance, she looks nice, but she and her male friend have suits on. What's the point.

River and I sit together, side by side, front to back. There's something about a naked sweetie. After a while River walks into the dark rain to cool off. Leaning against the railing, she shows us what a girl butt is supposed to look like, her trim light shape standing out against the black background of night. I join her. We check out the sauna. When we come back out the pool with the jets is vacant. We get in and turn them on. The bubbles can hide a multitude of evils, and I grope for her, not entirely successfully, but I find her lips briefly. She lets me know what she could do with the jets. I've felt bad ever since I unknowingly had her replace the shower massage at our old house. I make a note that the tub in the remodel we're doing will have jets and a massage.

Back into the rain, dry off, pee, and dress in the sauna bathroom. Down to the yurt to get busy. We've brought our massage oil, and we need it after the drying chlorine. River's brought the face pillow, and I take my turn first. She does a great job on my shoulders, back, legs. Flips me over and does my parts and chest. I tell her I'm paying attention for when I do her chest, with the slippery hard nipples and muscles at the top.

Her turn. Oil and massage her shoulders, back, butt. Her butt is cold. It usually is, I like it, it's stimulating. But tonight it's extra-cold and I blanket it with my body. I oil her butt and she arches her back to offer her snatch for oiling. Can't pass that up. Don't want things to get too slippery though. Trying to do her legs like she did mine. And I always love to do her feet, rubbing the soles, squeezing them between my palms.

There's no heat here. I worry about her getting cold. I try to warm up the oil by rubbing it between my hands but it only helps a little. Oil her chest and feel her hard cold nipples press into my palms. Fingers on the muscles at the top. Oil onto her stomach. Then both of us under the covers in our nest, warming each other up. Nice smoochies. She feels for me. I've taken a Cialis but it feels like it's still going to take some work before I'm ready.

River has always had an amazing touch. How did she get so good. She says I trained her, to do this, and that, and this. I tell her she's a natural, and wonder whether I ever do such a nice job on her. I feel for the wetness in her slit. Girl fondles boy. Boy fondles girl. She says either the Cialis is working or I didn't need it, and wonders how I want to start. I'm at a rare loss for a plan. She rolls over and spoons it in. This is what I'm often thinking about when we're snuggling. Just slipping it up inside her.

We go nice and slow. Pulling out and feeling it slip back in through the improbable part. I like her breathing. I breathe with her. Try to lift her top leg over mine but she leaves it in place. Roll up for inviting position. We stay there for a while, my balls sliding on her leg, then she rolls over into full butt position and I comply. I like her subtle maneuvering. There are so many possibilities in butt position. Pull out until we hear the suction at the end of each stroke. Lie on top and hold it in all the way. Sit up and put my thumb in place to guide it back in after the full pullouts. Feel her back and butt and enjoy her body. Aim towards the front. Aim towards the back. I reach under for her clit but it's too stimulating for me to be fucking her and rubbing her at the same time. And she doesn't want an orgasm tonight. She's in the mood and just wants to enjoy the fuck.

She's fucking back and rolling her butt against me. We hit some really nice friction that we enjoy and we speed up and keep it there a while. Our best friction of the night. Eventually I have to back off because I'm not ready to finish. When we get to our second best friction I'm still not ready to finish. I try to hold off but I might as well give in to the inevitable. I tell her, and she squeezes against me as I come inside her. We roll back into spoons and I wonder how long we can keep things going. But it keeps slipping out and not finding it's way back in amidst all the goo.

She gets out into the cold, finds a washcloth, then we snuggle back down in our nest and have a nice sleep together, with rain falling in the night and birds in the morning and not knowing what time it is. She doesn't even have to get up to pee in the middle of the night.

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