Monday, July 25, 2011

Our first randomly scheduled fuck

We’re on for this morning. Our first randomly scheduled fuck. Which isn't to say it's a fuck for no reason. It's a fuck to satisfy us both. Keep us both happy. But River had a completely wretched sleep. Mine wasn’t any better. I’m awake early. Wondering what kind of mood River will be in when she wakes up. If she wakes up. I’ve been awake half an hour and it’s still only 5:45. She didn’t say when I could wake her up. She can always wake me up. But we’ve got different priorities on sex and sleep.

Around six we’re both awake. She spoons on me. Maybe she’ll reach around and initiate. I like feeling her hand fondling my cock and balls like they’re her own. But no. She falls asleep. After about half an hour I stretch and disengage. At least it’s a nice time in bed with River. Snuggling against her soft warmth. Listening to her breathe. Dozing off.

The last thing I want now is for some obnoxious noise from outside to wake her up after I’ve been so patient. I take preemptive action. Kiss her awake. We have a lazy morning talk in bed about what needs to be done today.

Face to face on our sides. Pull her towards me. My hand on her back. Fingers knead her sleepy muscles. My dick gets hard with no effort. Like old times. I like it.

“I’m ready.” “What do you want to do?” Spoons. I push my cock beneath her ass. She takes it. Opens her legs. Lines it up. We push together as my cock slowly penetrates her, spreading the walls of her pussy as it inches in. And we fuck.

She’s nicely wet. Surprisingly wet. Her pussy making the smacky sounds when I pull out to the head. We both enjoy the fuck. Fucking easy as our bodies meld together. Fucking hard with my hands on her hip yanking her against me. Feeling her fuck back, seeing her ass move on my cock. A nice morning fuck.

But it won’t end with spoons. We’re well rested. We need something more exciting. I sit into t-bone, watching my entire cock slide out, rest against her dark lips, push in between them, push in harder, my hand still pulling on her hip until my cock is all the way in.

And it won’t end with t-bone. It’s been a while since we’ve done something silly. I flop into something which is nearly topsy turvy. Peering up at River from between her legs as my cock sticks into her at a strange angle while we fuck. Talking about how silly this is. We can be silly together. The view is interesting. I wish she could see it. It’s like being in two places at once. Standing in front of her and watching while she gets fucked from behind.

It can’t end here. I sit up into default. My thumb on her clit, now that we’ve fucked for a warm up. I circle her clit with my thumb, big circles, not too fast, not too hard. She gyrates against me, using my cock as a dildo, sliding her pussy on and off it while I keep the rhythm on her clit. We lift her ass and put a pillow under it for a better angle and deeper penetration. “Do you have anything in you?” “Nothing yet.” I think I know how she feels. I haven’t felt my orgasm coming on yet either. It’s been a delicious fuck though, nice and hard and slippery. I keep my thumb on her clit. It just feels nice having it there while we fuck. Then I lean forward, get more aggressive, switch my fingers to her clit, get a good bang going, close my eyes, hear us moan together. Now I feel it. When I’m nearly there I scoop her legs into jackknife. She knows what comes next. Long firm strokes, playing into my impending orgasm. But it isn’t coming. “I think I feel like you. Close, then it retreats.” “On purpose?” “No. We don’t have to finish.”

But I can’t stop. Now it’s a nice slow intimate fuck. “How can you get me to stop?” “By drying out?” She is getting a bit dry. We’ve been at it a while. I pull out. There isn’t even any clean up. We rest with her leg over mine. I fall asleep.

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It's like a super long ultra deluxe xo. Nice.

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