Sunday, July 3, 2011

A thousand nights

After yesterday and this morning I’ve got an idea. I tell River about it while we’re in the shower. “It will be a blog based on Arabian Nights. Every night the sultan will be hot to fuck Scheherezade, but she’ll always start things off with a story, and it will always be a story ending with rejection and frustration and he'll get so demoralized he won't want to do it.” She likes it. “I’ve got a lot of material you know. A thousand and one nights.” “Is that all?” “Maybe a thousand and two.”

River gets what I'm talking about. A thinly disguised reference to yesterday. And this morning. She moves to the side of the shower and pulls me in for a passionate smooch. My cock dangles against her trimmed bush and starts to swell, swinging back and forth against her fuzz. I have to finish getting it up with my hand, my other hand between her legs, River’s hand on my balls.

“Are you going to drop the soap?” “I don’t have to.” She bends over. “This is where I always start to lose it.” “I’ll make it easy.” Makes sure she’s spread far enough. It pops right in this time. And we fuck.

“You weren’t kidding about being wet.” There’s none of the usual watery friction. Just a nice fuck in her smooth slippery pussy. Doing it in the shower is getting to be a habit again. I can live with that. We've got a long history of shower fucks.

I should finish. Not save it for later. She just noticed her period starting and she might prefer to lay off for a while. Ok then. I grab her for a good bang. Pull her back while I push forward. Again. Again. It doesn’t take long. Watching her ass. Feeling my cock pound through the water into her moist pussy. I come with an ache and a groan. She wiggles against me. Side to side. Up and down. Then pulls forward and lets my cock fall out. Abruptly. “I thought I heard someone coming. Oh, that was you!” She’s a funny one.

The story that began yesterday has a new ending. “Ok, maybe only a thousand nights.”

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