Friday, July 15, 2011

“I can’t find my panties.”

“Is the hotel room not sexy enough?” It's pretty sexy. Boutique hotel sexy. River likes a sexy hotel room. “Because I have my panties on?” That’s one reason. Maybe we could do it with them on. That’s always fun. For me. “And because you’ve parked Brook in our room for the night.” “That hasn’t stopped us before.” “You mean it didn’t stop me.” “I brought the butter and foot cream.” Now she’s talking. We like to use the phrase “not entirely altruistic.” But in this case, it may be largely altruistic. She brought them for me, because I enjoy slathering her so much. And doing what usually follows afterwards. But one of the reasons I like slathering her so much is because she likes it so much. So maybe it’s a good balance between selfishness and altruism. I get to slather, she get slathered. But then we get to fuck which is definitely in my favor. But we’ll be fucking in a sexy hotel room which is something she likes.

I straddle her naked and slather her back. Her neck and shoulders get the attention she asks for. We tolerate a few kid interruptions. When I turn my gaze back to her I see she’s pulled her dark panties down halfway over her pale ass. That’s sexy as all get-out. I butter down onto her ass, then drop her panties below her gorgeous ass cheeks, fitting a palm to each one, feeling her yielding firmness.

“Low doggy.” She nods. I pull her panties down further and she slips them off as she gets into position. It doesn’t take long to get hard with her perfect ass thrust back at me like that. My fingers feel up her slit, to her clitoris, and back to the wet gash between her lips. My hard cock enters her. She pushes back. Back out. All the way in this time. And we fuck.

I’m worried about being too loud and obvious. Not for the sake of the giggling girls in the next room. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind some entertaining sound effects. But I’m not sure how much the kids need to hear. We’re behind a curtain. But the bed is creaking a bit. And River’s pussy is making nice slurping sounds as my cock slides in and out. “Are we being too loud?” I guess not.

It’s a nice slow fuck in low doggy. My cock sliding all the way out. Back through the improbable spot. All the way in. A nice slow fuck.

River has proposed opposite sides of the bed tonight. It’s like having a new girlfriend. Only better. We go through spoons to interlock. For some reason we don’t seem to hit it quite as well in interlock as we used to. And a face-to-face finish would be nice. On the way there we end up with me straddling a leg, the other on my shoulder. It’s interesting but a little awkward this time so I slip fully between her legs and drive my cock home.

“Are you enjoying it yet?” “Yes.” “Me too.” How could I not? It’s one of my favorite things. I guess I wouldn’t enjoy it if she weren’t enjoying it.

A nice slow fuck. Going through our usual missionary variations. It will be a slow come. She feels nice today. Wet. But not too wet. Her nice frictiony slippery. My cock sliding in and out. Slowly. My orgasm building. Slowly. It will happen if I just keep going like this. I keep going. It happens. Push deep for the first spurt. Wait for the second spurt. And wait. Don’t move. There it is. The big spurt. I feel my jizz flow into her. Feel it flow around my glans. More spurts. A slow orgasm. “Goose bumps?” “Yes.”

Next morning. “I can’t find my panties.” I retrieve them from between the sheets at the foot of the bed. Hotel maids must find many a forgotten pair in that particular place.


wife10yearsin said...

Last time I changed the sheets I found 3 pairs.

Reed said...

I found two pairs in the couch one day.

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