Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A blowjob

River has been making noises about doing it tonight. We should get some exercise. A walk or run. A fuck. Or both, she says.

So here we are. Is she regretting having signed up for some exercise tonight? Either of us can back out. But she asks. “Do you have anything in mind?” I do. Something I’ve been thinking about. Something that doesn’t happen very often. Something that goes well with River being on her period. “A blowjob.” “Ok.” “If I can get hard enough.” “That might not be necessary.” What? “Aren’t blowjobs used to get guys hard?” I guess so. That’s usually the boring part of the porn that I don’t pay much attention to. And that was back in the day when I couldn’t understand how it was possible not to get hard with a pussy ready to be fucked right in front of you. Erections just happened.

“Something is missing. Light, or music, or ...” I hit the divbyzero preset on the squeezebox. There’s our soundtrack. Our favorite music to fuck to. “That’s better.”

It takes her a while to get settled. “You’d think I didn’t know what I was doing.” She starts in. Her hand presses at the base of my cock. Right where she knows it works. Her warm wet mouth welcomes me in. “You know what you’re doing.” I can feel myself getting hard already. I want to come.

She swirls my glans somehow. “I liked that.” “This?” Swirl. “Uh huh.” It feels green, and blue, and red. I watch her head moving on me. Up. Down. I’m hard enough. The feeling of orgasm is on the horizon. She’s working hard. I run my fingers through her hair. Rest them at the sides of her head. Like I do sometimes when we’re fucking. She works harder. I want to come.

She needs a break. “If you want, you can just get on it.” “Would you like me to?” “It’s up to you.” She pulls her panties down. Stands over me. “Let’s see how good my aim is.” I hold my cock, pointing it up at her as she drops her pussy onto it, and keep holding it while she fucks me, with the different slippery of her period. I let go when she goes to single point. “Don’t wear yourself out.” I reach down to help lift her ass. “Don’t wear yourself out.”

She sits astride me. Fucks me. Slowly. Then harder. Faster. Exuberantly. Squashing down onto my cock. I feel her tits, wary of sensitive nipples this time of the month. Put my hands under her arms, lift her, drop her, make her fuck me. Not that she needs help. Move her hands to my chest. Watch the tufty fuzz spanning the gap between her legs as it swallows my cock again and again. I want to come.

I come. Grabbing her hips. Pulling her down onto me as I arc up into her. She squeezes onto me. My jizz pumps. I’m glad she finished me on top. I roll her onto the bottom to thank her, fucking her with my still-hard dick as long as I can.

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wife10yearsin said...

"If you want, you can just get on it." Oh, Reed. You're so thoughtful. ;)

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