Monday, July 11, 2011

A cool pillowy breeze

“The worst thing about every three days is that it’s boring. Every two days would be boring. Even every day was boring.” “I agree.”

A nice cool pillowy breeze comes through the broken window. Caresses our bare skin with its soft pillowy coolness. River moves my hand to the cool smooth skin of her perfect ass. I catch a feel of fuzz as my hand slides here and there, over her cheeks, between her legs. “What are you doing?” “Thinking.” “About my butt?” “That. And about doing it in this sexy breeze.” “Want to do a sleepy sweetie?” “Sure. No warmup?” “No warmup.”

River stays on her side. I sit in t-bone. It's strange to think about. Getting hard and poking it into her receptacle. And coming. Even though we’re made for each other. It turns me on. But I have to ask. “Are you sure?” “Yes.”

I run my hands over her back, across her hip, down her leg, her supple skin light even in the dark. One hand brushing the tufts between her legs and finding her opening. One hand on my rapidly stiffening cock. My finger guides it into her. “That’s a bony boner.” “Yes.” Like it should be. She pushes back, helping it inch in as I feed it into her. It’s so sweet to be pushing such a nice hard one into the friction of her smooth wet pussy. We’re both in good form. And we fuck.

River rests on her side while I kneel behind her, slowly sliding my cock in and out, savoring the feel of her pussy, of her skin, of her. Wrapping my arm around her leg until I feel her bush. Pulling her towards me. Rocking her back and forth on my cock. Bigger. Harder. Smaller. Faster. I could do this forever. She can go to sleep. But can she moan in her sleep?

I roll into spoons. Hug myself against her. All kinds of fuck. Like I’m always thinking when we spoon. Then rest.

And more t-bone. I could come like this. Watching my tingly hard cock work her pussy. Feeling it fill her pussy. But this needs face-to-face. Flip River’s leg over me. “I was thinking of fancy hug this morning.” “Of course you were.” Hug down on her while my cock drills deep into her. “I like fucking you with a nice hard dick.” “Yeah.” “Thanks for the opportunity.”

We’re both in good form. Hard. And wet. Going together nicely. Her feet on my ass. Her hands on the wall to push back. Steep. G-spot. Pull out and penetrate so slow it makes me shudder.

We build up to a good rhythm. My cock feels huge. Pumping her. Pounding her. Her legs spread wide. How can she stand it? We're made for each other. Fast. Faster. Unbelievably fast. Where am I getting it. Push in. Way in. Feel cervix. And come. Push more. Come more. Push. Remember to breathe. That was incredible. Both in good form. A refreshing pillowy breeze caressing our bare skin. Us.

The usual t-shirt for cleanup. “You got that way up in there. I’m not even finding anything.” “I was really hard.”

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