Friday, July 29, 2011

I like random

I think this random schedule thing is working out pretty well. Despite not following it strictly. Which I think was part of the idea all along. It strains my perfectionist ways and my honor not to be strict. But rules were made to be broken. Especially these rules,

So what's to like? I feel more relaxed, calm, happy, and satisfied, not having to be in charge of sex so much. Knowing it will happen and I won’t have to make it happen. And always having something definite to look forward to.

I was worried I wouldn’t be as flirty and affectionate as before. But of course I am. Maybe even more so, since River can be sure I don’t have ulterior motives. Even though I do.


Anonymous said...

We had to go to a schedule after I kept getting frustrated when I would confuse my hubs' innocent groping with fore play. The schedule rocks. (Love your blog, by the way)

Reed said...

Thanks Natasha, it's great to get some feedback.

Reed (who can always use some groping, innocent or otherwise)

wife10yearsin said...

You and your ulterior motives. Oh, sorry, "ideas."

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I eye-grope your blog on a regular basis.

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