Sunday, July 17, 2011

River's new fetish

“If you like them you can wear them.” That was completely unexpected. Has she suddenly got a new fetish? And one she wants to make public, at that? Or has she had it ever since that night in Wyoming? Or longer? I thought we were buying the panties for her. Maybe I’m wrong. I play it nonchalant for the salesgirl. Like this happens every day. Maybe it does happen every day in the lingerie department. “Do you think they’ll fit?” “They always do.”

River also has some new bras. Back home she strips. Puts on a pair of the new panties. And models a bra for me. It’s black. It’s small. I feel nipple through it. I approve. Even though I wonder whatever happened to front-closure bras.

“Would you like to wear the panties?” “Is that your new fetish?” She doesn’t answer. Just slips them off and stands there in just her sexy black bra. Even sexier with her in it. I step into them. Slide them up over my parts. Fit myself into them. “Comfy, huh?” And stylish. “What now?” “Fuck.”

We’re on the bed in our tried and true position. River on her back, my attention divided between her sexy black bra and her sexy uncovered labia. Her fingers on my nipples. Sensitive. I can only imagine how much better her nipples work. She strokes my cock through the panties. Pulls it out the top. I tickle her lips with my parts, the thin fabric sheath brushing lightly up and down her vulva. “It’s going to be really wet. That time of the month.” Ovulation. Today. I can live with that. She pulls the panties down my thighs, takes my stiffening cock in her hand, rubs it against her, up and down her slit, bumping across her clitoris. The playful tease. “Like old times.” She dips it down. Into her pussy? She lets it push back up between her labia. Down again. This time? Not yet. “You can do that as long as you want.” I like the play. I like the tease. I like her touch on my cock. Then she pushes it down and I feel her notch it into her opening and I push my hard cock fully into her dripping pussy. I like that too. This is going to be a nice fuck. A nice long fuck in a nice wet pussy.

I start slow. “How fast would you like to go?” “You mean how long should we do it?” “I mean this.” I double the pace. River speed. Bang her good. Right away she’s moaning and dreamy-eyed. There's my answer.

It’s a nice long fuck. River letting me drive. All kinds of Reed on top. Shallow jackknife. Deep missionary. Steep default. Flying V with her legs spread wide and my cock plunging unerringly into her target. Magnetism. My hands reaching across her body. Each feeling through her bra for the nipple on the opposite boob. And finding it. Resting my weight on them. Then lifting her ass off the bed and fucking until I almost come. She feels my cock twitch inside her when I stop to hold off. “I’m not nearly ready to come yet. Now that I’ve got you here, I’m going to keep you here.” And give her juicy pussy the pounding it deserves.

I like a talkative fuck. And I have a lot of questions today. “Am I taking something from you?” “More like I gave it to you.” She stares at the ceiling. “What are you thinking about?” No answer. “Why don’t we do this every night?” Again no answer. I can’t trick her that easily. But why don’t we do it every night? Or every morning? “Do you have one in you?” She smiles sweetly and shakes her head no. As if having a couple orgasms would ruin such a nice fuck. Maybe it would, for her. She does enjoy a nice fuck. And it’s a nice long enjoyable fuck tonight.

“Your balls are getting wet.” It’s her fault. Her and her drippy pussy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I give them a feel. They’re pulled up tight. The way I like them. And moist with her juices. I like that too.

She’s got her legs spread in flying V. Such an accommodating position. We’re banging hard enough that they can probably hear the whack, whack, whack out on the street. My sweat drips onto her. I have to come one of these times. This is a good time. I just let it. After such a nice long fuck it’s incredible. My body twists with orgasm. My nuts go through the wringer as my come is squeezed from them and I ejaculate into her. I groan and strain against River as I come hard.

“What were you thinking about?” “What we were doing.” “I was thinking Reed and River are fucking. And they’re pretty good at it.” “That they are.”

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You guys are good at all of it, and that's why I like you.

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