Friday, July 22, 2011

“I think I’m in the mood.”

“I think I’m in the mood.” I have to suppress my snarky thoughts. No wonder River’s never in the mood if she can’t even tell. And then I realize it’s amazing she’s saying that at all since not long ago I almost completely blew any kind of mood either of us might have. “Let’s skip the movie.” “It will last. I’ve had it all day.”

We’ll be in bed at 10:30. That’s a late start on any day, and she has to get up early early early tomorrow. And give me a good-bye kiss. I’ve got a feeling that the end of the day will just be the end of the day. But she’s following her own plan of stopping the movie at 10. I trust her to know what she’s doing. This must be some mood.

I light a candle before she comes into the bedroom. What she says sounds like my line. “Oh good. You’re still in the mood. I was thinking you might be too tired.” I was tired, but not any more. She gets on top. “I was thinking something fast and aggressive.” She rubs my cock against her fuzz. I feel her tits. My favorite tits. Just big enough to grab. They always help. But if she wants fast I have another idea. “That’s not such a good position for me to get hard. Let’s try this.”

I roll her onto her back. Sit beside her. Her legs fall open and I gaze at her in the candle light. My thumb goes briefly to her clit. But her tits always help. I feel their soft firmess, feel her nipples pucker, lefty, righty, as my cock quickly hardens. “Now I’m ready. See? You can get back on top now.” “Now that I see it, I’m thinking hello kitty. It’s been a while.” “I love hello kitty.”

River sits up in front of me. Reaches under for my cock. Slides her pussy down onto it without effort. “I’ve been ready all day.” And we fuck. Quick and aggressive. Then I sit back and let her do all the work. “I’m your dildo.” “I like that.” She pumps her snatch up and down my shaft. It’s hard imagining her wanting to do something like this with a real dildo. I’m flattered that she enjoys using my cock like this. For her pleasure.

As always, the view is amazing. I describe it to her. “My legs spread in a V. Between them, your shape comes down into your ass. Between my legs is . . . Under your ass is . . .”

I fuck back again. Reach around for her tits. Press her nipples into her body. She sits up into full hello kitty position, my hands still on her tits, her hands to the sides on my legs, her ass framed between her arms and my legs, her whole body moving up and down as she fucks me. “Quick?” “Quick.” I let myself come, pulling her back into me, she grinds down as I thrust in time with my spurts, emphasizing each one, moaning so loud the kids can probably hear it.

“That seemed way too quick for somebody who’s been in the mood all day.” “I’ll probably be in the mood tomorrow, too. For our date.” “Let’s make sure you have a good warm up.” “An early start.”

This random idea is working out better than I thought. And we haven't even had our first random “date” yet.


wife10yearsin said...

For someone who's got a low libido she seems awfully in the right mood. You must be doing something right.

Reed said...

That is a keen observation. One I should make myself more often.

wife10yearsin said...

I learned it by watching you.

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