Saturday, January 8, 2011

A raunchy job

River comes home from school. "I have a job for you." "I can do many jobs." "I can think of nothing so luxurious as being slathered all over." She pauses. "And fucked." I take the job.

Before long we sneak upstairs in the afternoon. River takes off her shirt and I'm struck by how nice she looks with her small breasts. She's always a treat to see naked. She finishes peeling and sits on the bed, knees pulled up, ankles crossed primly in front of her snatch. Her cuteness and eroticism tantalize me and are amplified by her not showing anything. I peel and join her.

She lies down on her front and I slather her back with body butter, sitting on her legs behind her butt, taking my time, not missing anything. "You want everything slathered?" "Everything." I do her arms, then she rolls on her side. I do her top leg then reach behind for her butt cheek. Her curves are amazing in this position, especially her ass, looking nice and feeling nice. I spend some time on it, my hand caressing her smooth, firm cheek. "That's a nice piece of girl you've got there." "Why thank you." "I'd like to frame it and hang it on the wall." "Maybe I should get a plaster cast made of my ass so I'll remember what it looked like when I'm 80." That's an incredible idea. I'm all for it. Who wouldn't want a cast of their sweetie's ass? It could be a whole new industry.

I butter her legs, then sit between them while I do her tummy, making my way up to her breasts, buttering them well, pushing them, pulling them, hands sliding over her perking nipples, fingers massaging into the muscle beneath.

My hands move down her body, fingers trailing through her bush to her lovely labia, the guardians of her cunt. I want to eat her, but she wants to be fucked. I work my thumb up to her clit and do the circles, while I start getting myself hard with my other hand.

"It's pretty obvious how my part responds. But with yours it's not so easy to tell." Maybe my thumb on her clit is turning me on more than it is her. "Yeah, it's all pretty mysterious." River wonders when her last orgasm was. Maybe the time she did eighteen of them. "Do you have one in you today?" "I might." I let her take over. Her hand takes its familiar position on her dark bush. Her fingers do their familiar circles on her clit. No matter how many times I see it, it's always fascinating. I watch, getting harder. She moans when I put my thumb partway inside and push towards her asshole. She looks down to check how hard I am. Not hard enough.

"I could come any time." "I think you're going to have to do this one solo." I'm not hard enough to fuck her in the orgasm. At least not very well. "Do you want to fuck me in my second one?" "I like doing that." I oil my cock for better jacking. She's getting close, her fingers moshing her clit around, her head tipped to the side, moaning softly. Suddenly she's coming, this time it's obvious, I watch her back arch, her body writhe, I slip a finger into her wetness and press up for her g-spot, holding it, rubbing it, the texture exciting me, while River has wave after wave of orgasm. Every time I think it's ending, another shudder hits her.

"I've got a finger inside. When I think about it, that seems strange." I like having fingers in her pussy, feeling her soft, wet walls, I do it often, but it does seem stranger than having my cock in her. More intimate somehow. "Yes, it is strange. But the finger helps the orgasms."

River checks my cock again. Watching and listening to her come has stiffened it up to full hardness. "That's a nice rod. I can get on it, or we can do some other position if you want." "Let's do a raunchy position stick-in." River rolls onto her front and spreads her legs wide, her pussy gaping raunchily between them. "I've got another one." She bumps her ass up a little and reaches down to her clit as I push my cock all the way into her and she gasps. A few easy strokes then some deep hard bangs while she does herself. It's quick. "Here it is." I bang hard against her ass. She wants to be fucked and she's getting it in her second orgasm. I wish I could see my cock pounding into her spread pussy, glistening with her juices, but her perfect ass blocks the view. By the time I feel myself starting to come, in less than a minute, maybe only thirty seconds, it's inevitable and I can't hold off. "I'm going to come, too." I join her in a mutual orgasm, pumping my load deep inside her as we come, feeling her feet on my ass pushing me even further in.

I wish I could stay hard and fuck some more but I'm spent. I pull out to look at her luscious pussy. "Now it's even raunchier." She's right. Her lips are spread wide, a gash of pink between them, from her clit to the gaping hole of her just-fucked cunt. "It could only be raunchier if there were come dripping down." I poke a finger in and feel for it, but it must be deep. Too bad. I'd like to lick my white jizz as it dribbles out of her pink pussy.

She rolls over. "Here's the third." It just takes a small touch at the right time. She has four more as we sit and talk, and gravity starts making my load drip out. "Six days worth." "It felt like a lot."

"I did a job for you. With my tool." "Fucked me right in the raunchy." "If you saw how raunchy you looked, you might not do that position." "Are you serious?" I think a moment. "Yes." "Cool." My sweetie likes being raunchy.

We're talking the next morning. "So it's seven to two for the year?" "Eight. I popped another one out in the bathroom. After the first one they're easy." "I wish I could do that."

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