Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A friendly fuck, but mini-v is a weak position to come in

River isn't horny, but she's friendly. I sit on her and she gets me hard while I feel her tits. We're not sure if we'll need lube so she sticks my cock in and we start without it and it feels just right. There's nothing like natural cunt juice to make a fuck feel good.

River has her knees up and I'm leaning on her shins while I work my cock in and out of her pussy. We've both got silly grins about this thing we're doing, and we're talking about whatever.

After a while I lean back and River flips up on top and I let her do me in single point, then I reach under her ass to help hold her up and we get a good bang going.

But River likes to be on the bottom and I'll be anywhere so we roll back over, squirt some lube, and do some deep missionary. I scoop her legs onto my shoulders, then back off into mini-v. She's arching onto me, and I'm lifting her ass up with my hands under her knees. I never last long in this position. I watch my cock pushing into her under her bush, feel her pussy doing it's thing on me, and I know I'm going to come. It's been a while since I came in mini-v and I want to see if it's still not a great position to come in.

A few more pumps and I'm coming and I realize I was right, it's a good position to fuck in but it doesn't make for a very satisfying come. I hardly know it's happening. The contractions don't seem very powerful and it's over quickly. Oh well, I had to be sure. I'd do it again though. Just for variety.

I realize I've finally caught up to River for orgasms in 2011. I feel like the tortoise. River is the hare. She thinks maybe she'll be horny this weekend, even though her period should be starting around then.

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