Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bath-time play

I fill the tub for River's hot bath. She gets in, and after a few minutes I come sit with her. It's a nice time to chat and admire the scenery. The line between her closed legs is topped by her crisp triangle of bush. Her nipples accent her compact tits. A mane of hair flows around her beautiful face. She spreads her knees and I'm enticed by the waterfall of fuzz cascading over her mons. I give in to my desire. Undo my fly, pull my cock out, stroke it. River glances up and smiles. We keep chatting as I work to get my cock hard. It's been over a year since I jacked off to orgasm, but this seems like a good time. River rolls over in the tub and waggles her well-shaped ass slowly from side to side, chatting casually. The access with my cock poking through my fly is less than ideal, and I'm not getting more than semi-erect. Still, I appreciate the opportunity, and River's encouragement.

River gets out of the tub to dry off. She knows she's on display, and takes advantage of it, bending over to give me a nice view of her pussy framed by her well-toned legs. She finishes drying and steps over to help, fingering my cock expertly, getting me harder. How can she be better at jacking me off than I am? I stand and she kneels in front of me while stroking my cock. It's been a while since she's given me a blow job. I'd ask for one, but I don't think the spit I was lubricating with would make for a pleasant experience. Maybe we could just fuck in the bathroom, her naked, me fully dressed.

We move to the bedroom so she can air dry. I drop my pants part way and we get on the bed. She jacks me with silicone lube while I slide my hands along her legs. But I've lost ground, and I'm not getting hard again, even though I was plenty perky when we had a friendly hug this morning. I want to push her back and bury my face in her muff and return her favor, even though I prefer it unbathed.

But we're interrupted by our young daughter, and have to put our toys away until later.

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