Saturday, January 22, 2011

Midnight oil

River is fidgeting in her sleep and wakes me up. It seems like the middle of the night but the clock says 11:30. Sometimes rubbing her legs with oil will quiet her down. I get up, pour some oil into my hand, and smooth it over her legs, then her feet, then work up each leg to her hips, front, back, sides, spreading evenly. Up her stomach to her chest, shoulders, down her arms. I pour more oil into my palm and do her pussy, up and down the grooves, oiling her lips. She rolls over and I spend a lot of time on her back and butt.

I get myself hard while I keep rubbing her butt, my hand pushing her cheeks around, my thumb running over her butthole, my other thumb circling into her pussy. I'm not getting as hard as I'd like, but it's hard enough, and I slip it into her pussy using my thumb as a guide.

It's a nice butt position fuck, sitting up massaging her back, pulling her hips towards me, squeezing her cheeks together, pulling them apart, slipping the fingers of both hands between her legs. It's warm and comforting. But it's one of those times when it seems all about me, like something I do to her. I'm going the slow speed that I like, enjoying the friendly sensations of her body against mine and my cock slipping in and out of her pussy. I should finish and let her go back to sleep. I find a nice angle for a slow finish. I want her to feel me coming. A few more easy strokes and I'm coming, holding still as I let my cock throb and spurt inside her, feeling my jizz flow out.

She wipes herself with a t-shirt and quickly falls asleep without fidgeting.

A few days later I ask River about my "all about me" feelings, and she assures me it was a lovely time, possibly as close as I'll get to doing her in her sleep.

"That slow one was for you." "I enjoyed it." "I enjoyed it too."

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