Friday, May 27, 2011

I’ve been having a really fucked up week

I’ve been having a really fucked up week. River wants to know how she can help me feel better. I’m not sure I’m ready for her to give me ideas. But food and a back rub would be welcome. “That works for me.”

She changes clothes. I unhook her bra through her shirt and she pulls it out her sleeve. I feel her from behind in the kitchen. Her firm nipples sitting on her compact tits. “Am I giving you ideas?” “Just two.”

I wait for her in bed. She comes in. Strips. Sits on me. Oils me with the cotton candy. I sigh as she gets creative on my back and ass. I’m wishing she’d stick something in it. “You’re really on tonight.” I don’t want it to end. Well, maybe. “Are you going to fuck me?” “If you like.” I don’t even have to answer.

She’s got a mystic move that’s supposed to give me sexual energy. “Let’s see if it works.” She rolls me over. It hasn’t worked yet. But it’s a nice thought. She strokes my cock. Now I feel sexual energy. Sits where I can feel her tits. How she gets so much sexual energy into those things I’ll never know.

“We forgot to wash hoo this morning.” I usually wash it for her during our morning shower. I remember forgetting. A fucked up week. “Is that a hint?” I’ve told her if she ever wants to wake me from a coma she can just put her pussy in my face and let me smell it. She straddles my face. I press into her mufff. Mmmm. My tongue reaches out for her. “That’s not smelling me. That’s washing me.” I feel like a mama cat. With an erection. She slips onto it. And fucks me.

She does single point. It’s my favorite, but getting it every time is like always getting a huge slice of nice tart cherry pie for dessert. With chocolate and real whipped cream. This time I fuck her back. Put my hands under her ass, lift her, drop her back onto my cock. Until we tire and she rolls us over.

She wraps her legs around me. We fuck fast and hard and deep, my hands on her head and shoulder pulling her against me. I feel pre-orgasm come starting to flow already. Slow down and pull all the way out each time then plunge back in and push to her cervix. “You’ve got good aim tonight my dear.” Don’t I always?

My orgasm is close. I push in deep and don’t move. I don’t have to. I’m over the edge. I wait. River waits with me. And my cock jumps inside her as my body releases and my jizz spurts into her, one, two, three, ...

“That was a really nice back rub. I was taking notes.” “And doing it was nice, too.”

We’re glad we found a smell that turns her on. “Next time we’re at the shop I’ll check the P section. For pussy. Or would it be under V?” “Maybe C.” Or R. For River’s pussy.

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Nothing like a good fuck to get you out of a bad funk.

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