Thursday, June 16, 2011


“Are you ovulating?” “Probably.” “That would explain a lot.” Like why I’ve been telling River how beautiful she is more often than I usually do. And why I’ve just spent about half an hour spooning her with my hardon scratching against her vulva while the pressure builds in my balls. “Is it giving you any ideas?” “It might. After I use the bathroom.” I wait for her, jacking up a good stiff for when she gets back. “I’m ready for you.” We gaze into each other’s eyes as I stroke my cock. I want to bang her in doggy. But we hear a kid in the hall.

“It’s hard to stop.” “You don’t have to stop.” I don’t stop. “The guys are coming to do the floor. I have to leave a note for them to come in and start working.” She leaves the note and comes back up. “You can bring that into the shower if you want.” I walk down the hall, keeping myself erect. River smiles when I come in. When she bends over to get the scale for our periodic weigh-in I miss my chance. So when she squats on the edge of the tub and starts the water, I reach under her ass. One hand on her. One on me. Feel the trimmed bush alongside her labia. Run my fingers along them until I feel them spread and reveal her wetness.

Into the shower. “Should we start right in?” “Sure.” She bends over, hands against the wall. My cock slips right in. And we fuck, slowly at first, then I grab her hips and run my hands down the front of her thighs and pull her back for a good bang.

“I’m not sure I want to finish this way.” “Yeah?” “Yeah.” Something's not quite right. And the water is working against us. We both know it. River thinks perhaps the lubrication she's got today, which was very lovely when we started, isn't holding up to the water so well. She stands up. I reach for her tits and pull her against me, then slip my cock out. “That must be a little strange for you.” “To get poked in the shower for a little while? Yeah.” It's a little strange for me, too. But then, fucking is always strange. And fascinating. Depending on how I think about it.

We wash each other off. She washes my face, and I feel her lips on mine while my eyes are closed. “That was a surprise.” “A bit soapy. I’m not licking my lips after that.” “I’ll lick your lips.” “Ok. Tonight.”


wife10yearsin said...

"Ok. Tonight."
Get at it, y'all! :)

Margot said...

ovulation and reliable contraception is probably the world's greatest combination.

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