Tuesday, June 14, 2011

“I like the no-hands stick-in.”

In bed. Not expecting anything. Even though River seems extra-smoochy tonight. She’s had a rough day. Bad mood. Bad attitude. I’m certainly sympathetic. And I’m expecting her to roll over and go to sleep at any moment. It wouldn’t be the first time. It's ok. Then her hand is on my back. Squeezing the muscles up and down my spine. I sigh. Smoothing across the small of my back. Sigh some more. “Does it feel this good when I do that to you?” “Yes. It’s nice to be petted.” Then why doesn’t she want to fuck every time I do it? She’s sure got my attention.

My hand on her back. A mutual petting session. How to go about it? I get on top and we kiss while my hardening cock scrapes lightly across her. We’ve started like this so many times. I sit up and gaze down at her. She looks like a girl. “I’ll do you right in the bad attitude.” “Ok.” Her hands slide along my thighs. Will she or won’t she? She moves in for a quick feel. Looks impressed. No work for her tonight. Too bad for me.

My legs slip between hers. My cock rubs her snatch. Across the swelling of her clitoris. I let it drop to the place I know so well. I push. “How’s my aim?” “Perfect.” Patience. Her lips slowly pushing aside. My cock slowly entering her. And we’re fucking.

Moaning. Breathing. Pounding. When I’m about to come I slow down. Feel the come flow. But no orgasm yet. Still hard. Perfect. Fucking in my own sloppy seconds. I wouldn’t want it this slippery every time, but it’s some nice variety. Some good speed, some good friction, River moaning like she’s going to make me come, holding off just when it gets to the good part for us. “How many times can I not come?” “I don’t know.” It’s been about four already. Her pussy getting slipperier every time. Maybe I’m overflowing from not finishing yesterday morning. “I mean how many times may I not come?” “It’s up to you.” “How much time do we have?” “I have to be somewhere at eight. We should stop by then.” Nine hours? She’s called my bluff.

That is one slippery pussy I’m fucking. I like it. Her bush has been trimmed down to a bristly mat. I like that too. A nice contrast. I park my pubic bone on her thatch and let it rub my skin as we fuck. Hold off one more time. Then a serious fuck for the come. “This time.” Squeezing together. “Are you ok?” “I just need some air.” “Oh. Sorry.”

Sometimes it’s difficult after holding off this long. Takes some careful driving to finish. Not this time. I feel the build. A nice slow build for a nice fast fuck. My balls pull up. My cock gets even harder. I come, strangely silent, just feeling it all, bottoming out inside her, the warmth of orgasm crinkling across my back, my arms, my legs, my chest, my face, my breath coming in stuttered gasps, my cock unloading whatever I’ve got left as deep inside as I can.

“I like the no-hands stick-in.” “I like it, too.”

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