Saturday, June 11, 2011

A delicate balance

“You sure know how to hurt a guy.” I was looking at River with what I hope was a meaningful look. And she turned out the light. She knows how much I like to watch her strip and reveal what’s been giving her clothing its shape all day. A rare shape. A shape I like. Her shape. And I know she doesn’t like to peel when all the shades are up. Which they are. Even though it’s part of the turn-on. My sweetie casts aside her hangups about a potential audience and shows off. For me. Who doesn't mind a potential audience. Even secretly hopes there is one. So it’s a delicate balance. I can’t always get what I like at River’s expense.

She turns the light back on. There are the small tits that have been poking bralessly through her shirt. She did that for me, and now I want more? Am I that ungrateful? Her shorts and panties slide down over the gentle curves of her ass. Her bush turns towards me. I feel loved. She turns the light off, and I’m happy. I hope she is, too.

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wife10yearsin said...

You guys are my heroes.

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