Sunday, June 19, 2011

Double sleeping bag test drive

River is all hot to get a double sleeping bag for our vacation. And try it out. I’m a little more reserved. It sounds like a good idea in theory, a really good idea, my kind of idea, but there are so many things that can go wrong in practice. “If we don’t like it, we can take it back.” “After two weeks?” “Sure.” And she wants to try it out tonight. I like that.

River lays it out on the futon in our library. She sure is excited about it. That’s a good thing. I bring along a washcloth and a hand towel to use as a drop cloth. She thinks my newfound fastidious streak is out of character. I’m the one who doesn’t mind sleeping on the same sheets for a while. But I’m not so sure about sleeping in a nylon sleeping bag with two weeks of accumulated crust and then returning it if it doesn't work out. But if River is for it, then I’m for it. And if it does have two weeks of crust, then it worked out and we're keeping it.

This is nice. It’s comfy. There’s plenty of room for activities. We snuggle up just like we do in bed. River rolls over for the face-to-face snuggle. Her leg pressed between mine. Kisses. She swings up on top. That’s a surprise. “We should have gotten one of these a long time ago.” She works my cock while I feel her boobs. Sensitive today. Take it easy. Her boobs always help me get hard. Am I hard enough? Feels like it. Sometimes I don’t want to look, and find out I'm not. “Am I ready?” “I’m ready.” “But am I ready?” She slides straight down onto my cock. She wasn’t kidding about her being ready. And apparently I was ready, too, because we’re having a really nice fuck.

She does single point right off and I can’t help but fuck back. She hugs in tight. Sits up straight. She must want me to really like the sleeping bag. “We’re making a wet spot. It’s on your side.” Oops. Forgot the drop cloth. I must have had something else on my mind. I can live with that.

Just when I think she’s going to finish me like this, she rolls us over. I stop us halfway. “I just wanted to do something different.” Then she’s back on top. For reverse cowgirl? No. She’s up in 135. There’s only one reason to be in that position. To fuck me. And she does.

My hands grip her ass. My thumb presses against her soft asshole. And this time I can’t resist. I wet a finger and push it into her. “Aaaa!” Surprise and alarm. But not rejection. “Sorry. I couldn’t resist.” I keep it in while she pumps me, letting it slip in and out to her rhythm. “I can feel my thing.” “The membranes are pretty thin.” It’s like having a window into her. But it doesn’t seem to be doing anything for her. Just me.

“I was wondering if you’d hello kitty me.” “Of course. Only it’s not so much me doing you, as us doing each other.” We maneuver so she’s sitting between my legs, my cock sticking in under her ass, and we do each other. Her up and down. Me in and out. Grabbing her waist. Sitting behind River like this and watching her use me as her dildo is incredibly visually stimulating. I guess that's an advantage to being a guy: she's always in front. Where I can see her. “Finish like this?” “Ok.” I let myself go. She brings me to the brink. “A few more.” I come loudly as she grinds me, keeping me coming, then settles on while I slowly recover.

We move to doggy for the afterfuck. She coughs. I’m still in. “Was that a test?” “No.” Hmm.

“It smells like sex.” “Hopefully not just any sex. Reed and River sex.”


wife10yearsin said...

As M would say, nice! (Apparently that means anything from nice to HOLY SHIT THAT WAS SUPER HOT. I'll let you assign the level.)
Hope you're having a good vacation. xoxo

Thunderous said...

"Plenty of room for activities" indeed.

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