Monday, June 13, 2011

Morning-after hornies

I wake up. No need to wake River up just yet. I kind of hate to wake her up. But I’ve got my morning-after hornies. I wish River got them, too. I snuggle on her and a pretty good erection comes up. I thunk it under her vulva. She’s trimmed back the scratchy stimulation that I’ve come to expect. I’m going to have to step things up a notch. I find her snatch under her ass, slide my cock against my fingers, and push. I don’t feel the return push. Either she’s asleep, or she’s wishing I wouldn’t. She claims she can’t sleep through this. Maybe she’s getting used to it.

I feel it slide in a little. Maybe an inch. Enough to start. It feels nice just slipping the head in and out of her. My tension leaves me and I relax. Pushing in a little further, in and out. About halfway by now. Enough. Starting. Stopping. Faster. Slower. Paying attention to the varying textures and terrain of her pussy. It’s easy to feel with my fingers. I take the time to feel it with my cock.

After about 20 minutes she’s clearly awake. Making her nice sounds when I pull all the way out and push back through. I wasn’t planning on coming, but I feel something in the distance. Pick up the pace. Long and steady. River tells me when I hit on something good. But it’s not happening. That’s pretty normal for a morning erection. Even though I got this one for mostly the right reasons. “Much as I’d like to come, I don’t think it’s going to happen.” “Do you mind?” “No.” Sometimes in the morning it’s a lot of work for an orgasm that seems regrettable. So I just enjoy the fucking. Like River does. And she won’t have to drip today. I feel like such a gentleman.

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