Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pierre and Veronique have a good time on the futon

Brook sleeps on a mattress in our room tonight while her paint dries. We'll use the futon for the first time since last summer. River is spooked by flames after thoroughly burning a quesadilla so no candles. She turns on the library desk lamp for mood. We don't even put a curtain up to block the view through the front window. Make sure the futon is far enough from the wall so we can be exuberant without damaging things. Seems a bit chilly as we get under the comforter. "This is awkward." "Because I'm not doing anything?" No, just my weird sense of humor as we wait to see how we'll unfold things. There's something about settling in together for a nice fuck. A reassuring awkwardness. It's never routine.

I've warned River that I'm not sure I've got anything. But those can turn out to be the best times. And we're on the futon. That should help. And it's actually a nice temperature. We do a classic warmup with me on top. Admiring the scenery while River feels me and I feel myself get hard. Could be a decisive stick-in. I need to work out how to reach behind me again. "Sit up on me more." That feels right. Her nipples are sensitive today. I wish I could treat them better and not use her left boob for balance so much. "I should be spraying pheromones." "You made me leak." I lose a little bit but get it back. Good enough for River to rub my part on her parts and still be decisive.

She's named my part Pierre at least for the night. Pierre and Veronique like each other and are going to have a good time tonight. Slow and deep. Unusual rhythms. Fast out slow in. Push into her hard and keep going. "You've got a nice sticky slippery today." "Further evidence of my fertility." Switching between default and missionary. Jackknife. "The front. I should call it that." "Ventral." "Not sexy." I'll probably always think of it as the top when we're doing it like this and I'm aiming for it and feeling it. "I like rubbing on you like that and feeling your bush."

In all the way so she can see how her uterus feels. It's fine. Knees up to her chest. Her right leg up. Flexible. We've done it before. Reader position I call it now. She likes it. I like it. But she can't tilt her pelvis to help get it back in, and has to reach down.

"I sure like doing this with you." "Me too." "I'm glad you wanted to fuck tonight." "Me too."

River feels a bubble. I keep it in and move aside so she can let it out. "Did you feel that?" "Now that's going to become part of our routine. When you want me to come, just fake an orgasm. And fart." I'm glad I'm no longer the only one who's done that while we're doing it. Not really something I'd want to do every time though.

I feel heavy on her in missionary. And deep. Stop for fancy hug every now and then. I haven't forgotten my plan. "Where am I going? My knees?" "Yeah." "High or low?" "Let's see." Stay still while River fucks me high. Then low. I want to sit. Lean all the way back. We've gotten into a funny diagonal angle on the futon. Reach forward. My hand on her butt, pushing her away and letting her fall back. I'm comfortable feeling powerful with River. She likes some manhandling. Playful and energetic. It's queefy but that just means we're fucking.

Back to regular doggy. I see her hand on her parts but what's she's doing down there? "Are you doing your button?" "Just holding my lips open. It's getting kind of dry." It always does like this. The lube is upstairs. I seize the opportunity to move in on Veronique and offer my oral lubrication services. River is still in doggy as I put my face up to her and plunge my tongue into her. At least I hope it's a plunge. I have a good time getting her slippery again, circling her opening and feeling her walls with my tongue, then sit up and slide Pierre back into Veronique and we fuck some more.

Then somehow we can't get it back in no matter how hard we push and I worry about losing it. River seems to worry too and we quickly get her rolled over and restart with me on top again and everything is fine. "Do you want me to be on top?" Does she think I'm working too hard? Except for some problems getting my left leg in the right places, this has been surprisingly easy. "I would be pleased and happy to finish like this. Maybe some River speed." "No, slow is good. I liked your slow orgasm." The feeling is there for a slow one. But it might take too long. Pick it up. River responds. Not as fast and hard as she seems to like best, but more her speed. I believe her when she says she likes it all though. I do. "Now I feel it." At least the finish will be slow. "Just a few more." Two maybe. Nice and slow.

My orgasm doesn't have a definite beginning or end. It melts and drips over us and bonds me to her. Sweet afterfuck. It's still pretty good when it comes out. River uses the clean shirt I just put on a few hours ago. I hope she remembers to pick up our clothes because I don't. My good leg is shaking and River is dripping as we go up the stairs. Snuggle with a not-twitchy sweetie tonight.

I seemed to be listing to the left a lot. Was it me, or the futon? I say me. River says futon. Maybe she's right. I don't remember listing on the bed. And I'm only getting stronger.

"I felt kind of like a porn star for a while there." "Did you like that?" "No, porn stars are stupid." I did have a nice view though.

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