Sunday, May 9, 2010

I want to smell you

River and the kids paint Brook's room. "I feel very level today. I could handle anything." "Want to fuck tonight?" "Ok." I wonder whether the neighbors heard that through the open windows. I wouldn't mind if they did. The direct approach. Show the neighborhood how it's done. We shower around 5pm. I start. I'm feeling good. I wash all of River. It's luxurious for both of us. "I'm on a roll. I might as well go for the whole enchilada. Burrito." "Taco." "I knew it was something like that." Last time she named my hands Claude and Maurice. Claude is not very dexterous lately. Maurice washes her. All the flaps and folds. Run two fingers beside her labia to the front, then one finger in the center. Wash my part with the leftover hoo soap while she rinses. I wondered about a name for her part. "Veronique." "I like it. Sounds like something I'd like to lick." Earlier in the day the bottom had dropped out of my motivation. River noticed I didn't even watch her naked in the bedroom. "I have a strange request." She tends to indulge my strange requests. And she's been really sweet about cheering me up and perking me up and letting me feel how I feel. "I want to smell you." She snuggles and I smell her. She understands how comforting it is. Her pits are a bit clean though. Pulls her scrubs down to show me something on her leg. "I was hoping you were doing that so I could smell you." OMFG. She stands up with her pants down and bends over and I close my eyes and put my nose up to her hoo and breathe her in as I feel her fur brush lightly on my face. "That's the stuff." Now I feel better. "If I'm ever in a coma and you want to resuscitate me that's all you have to do." She mentions maybe doing it after our shower. "I was thinking the traditional time." "Let's take a shower and see." A pre-dinner quickie with the kids downstairs and the balcony door open would be interesting and intriguing, but really I think I'd be more happy to wait for the evening and get an early start and do it right, especially given the thoughts that my close encounter with Veronique have stirred up. "Doggy style." "Is that your plan?" "Such as it is."

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