Thursday, May 27, 2010

Watching River shower

River is going down to her new art studio today. In honor of the occasion I let her shower alone and enjoy the theta waves. But I come in and sit down to watch. Pull the curtain aside. Put my feet up on the edge of the tub. Like old times. She goes through all the motions I know so well. Rinsing her hair, running the washcloth up and down her legs. How her face looks. How she holds her body. I think of her showering without her bush, the water running down her body past the slit between the fleshy "pee pee cheeks". Today she's got bush. Girly, sexy, hot, muff-divingly enticing, secret keeping. I imagine how it would feel touching it. Rubbing it. Feeling her through it. Revealing its secrets. She scoops her breasts with the towel as she dries. "Would you like a kiss from a naked girl?" She bends down. We're both naked. We kiss. "You can feel my boobs if you want." I reach between her legs. Feel her bush. Reach further for its secrets. Pull my hand back along the flaps and folds and feel the apex where her lips come together. "Oh really?" Really.

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