Friday, May 7, 2010

A scheduled fuck in the morning

Is it going to happen? River's on the phone making plans for the day. I move her shirt aside and put a chiquita sticker on one of her nice small tits. My favorite tits. It takes a lot longer to shower than it used to. "Come adapt with me." She gets on top. Oils us both. I'm enjoying the squishy sounds her parts are making as I try my left thumb on her clit. "You're turning me on." She leans back and I get a nice view. Of all of her. Talk about how I need some kind of arousal and she can go right into moshing on it. "I guess I need a lot of arousal." I guess that is arousal for her. I want to start on top. Not as easy as it used to be to position. Rub my part on her parts like we both like but haven't done enough of recently. Could be harder but a stick-in should help. We stick. It's in. It helps. River goes for the wall already. Must be in a hurry. This is more tiring than I would have thought. Try jackknife. It works. Bones hold me up. Hard to keep in though. River reslots it a few times. Check with River for depth. Go easy as usual. And bladder. All clear. Tired again. We had a comfy snuggle this morning with me on my side and River's legs over mine. Try that. I can hold her legs up with my arm like we figured out. River arches onto me. I scoot under her. Still at right angles. This is new. "Can you do that?" "I am." She is. She points out how she bulges as my penis goes into her. I'm getting a nice view of the action as I plunge into her. Try interlock on my left side. "How does that feel?" "Fine, but I'm getting tired again." Seems like she's itching to get on top. 135-ish. Grab her butt and bang. Reverse cowgirl. Mmm. Face to face. River does single point and watches. Likes the backlit daylight view. "I like you mashing onto me." "With what?" "Your cunt? What should I call it? Your box?" Comes out a few times. "Going for the full pullouts." "How long do you want to do it?" "You should come soon." That won't be a problem. "You can make me come." Of course she can. She does. "Squeeze down." She does. Then comes her incredible front and back rub, her bush stimulating my skin. I wish I could stretch my leg out but it feels like a log. Orgasms always get the legs. It's hard to stand through a good one. Now I'll have to lean on her even more. "Even ordinary things are tiring. But there's never anything ordinary about that.

Is River on top going to become our new classic?

I felt a bit like I was pressuring River. And getting crappy. I don't like that. She's supposed to be telling me her feelings. I'll ask. I asked. She says she didn't notice me being pressury and crappy, doing it was reassuring and comforting, and it's been easy for her to be open with her feelings, and I'm sweet. I thank her for being my sweetie, and she thanks me.

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