Saturday, February 21, 2009

A sweet little morning screw

No erections at night or in the morning.  I don't think I've got anything for River but I need to find out.  She's still asleep at 6:20.  I've been awake since 4.

Thinking about it does nothing.  Rubbing her back does nothing.  In September that's all I needed to get hard. Fingering River's pussy doesn't help either.  River is awake now.  "I don't think I have anything for you."  Panties off.  Climb on. Still nothing.  "Do you want some oil?" Well, ok.  Stroke it on top of River.  Move forward on her and reach back for River's pussy.  Move River's hand onto my cock.  Feels nice.  Feels like it's been four days.  "I want to fuck you."  "I'm ready."  Jackknife for penetration, missionary, left leg up, straddle River's right leg, jackknife and fuck River until I come.  For some reason I want to come halfway in, so I do.  It's a nice one now that it's in, no worries, but it was work getting it up.  I was worried I'd pop off quickly after four days but it's a sweet little screw.  I love hearing River moan.  She's always been appreciative on bottom.  That's why I like being on top.

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